What's going on with Yahoo business news?

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Anybody else notice that Yahoo business news "Market Snapshot" is stuck? Not updating the Dow, Nasdaq, or S&P averages...

-- cmd0903 (cmd0903@dontcall.com), January 04, 2000


I was wondering the same thing?

-- Michael (michaelteever@buffalo.com), January 04, 2000.

Yes, it be done stuck in time.

-- Me (me@me.me), January 04, 2000.

Went bad at about 7 minutes after the hour. I like yahoo and use it alot, its usually faster than others.

-- Rooster (rooster1230@netzero.net), January 04, 2000.

Back up as of 11 eastern time. Was down for a good 40-50 minutes.

-- Rooster (rooster1230@netzero.net), January 04, 2000.

The Yahoo graphs for daily and weekly running averages have been down ever since they failed on Dec 1. 3 month and yearly graphes are okay, but sometimes "blank out" a day. (Today - yesterday - nothing is plotted.

-- Robert A Cook, PE (Marietta, GA) (cook.r@csaatl.com), January 04, 2000.

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