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I have just recently sold a HP C200 digital camera in order to buy a Kodak DC120. I did this because I had used a DC120 in the office a couple of years ago and was very pleased with the pictures taken with it. I had never used it for personal pictures though. After using the HP C200 for a while I jumped at the chance of getting a DC120 for a bargain price. I have had it about 2 weeks now and I love the 3X zoom. But last night as I was viewing comparison pictures of the HP C200 and the Kodak DC120 side by side I about fell out of my chair. There is a considerable difference in the quality of the pictures of both cameras. The HP C200 picture was a lot better. Less grainy and clearer. Is this because of the Kodak's CCD resolution or is it that I don't know how to handle the native .kdc files from the Kodak. I have been letting Kodak's Transfer Software convert the files to higest quality .jpg as I downloaded from the camera. I really want to keep the Kodak for the rugged design and ability to add different lenses. Also I don't think my wife will let me trade many more times. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

-- Scott Burchell (, January 04, 2000


The DC 120 was never considered a great camera.

-- Darron Spohn (, January 12, 2000.

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