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Well, this is the second week that I have gone to our little exchange looking for milk, bread, and eggs....out of all three...again. Now this is somewhat unusual here... They were also out of every kind of laundry detergent...among other things...shelves were very vacant.

I've been overseas over 6 years in this location...and Yes, this is a tad unusual. I asked and they said that it was the holidays. Hmmmmmm, didn't have this problem last year. Well, I'll give them a while and see.

I learned a long time ago to stock up overseas. Get it while it's there. But this much missing from the shelves is unusual. Sure am glad I prepped. I just came home and whipped up some dry milk and parmalat for the kids, baked some bread and relaxed. The italian stores aren't having any problems yet. Thank goodness.

So, other than a small power outage (which is NOT unusual..happens ALL the time here), nothing new to report from the Italian frontier. Gas stations are open, power is on again, traffic lights are working or not as usual. Folks seem very va bene.

Smile, life is good...


-- Ynott (, January 04, 2000


Thanks, keep us posted! Also, do you hear of any distribution problems to our soldier's families in less ammenable areas, that may have a tendancy to depend on the commissary?

-- Hokie (, January 04, 2000.

Hokie, good question!

I haven't heard of any distribution problems out here least not reported as such. Stars and Stripes (our newspaper overseas) had the headline , "Y2K Bug Repelled"...

I am keeping my eyes and ears open and will let you know if I learn anything. Nothing substantial to report yet. Everyone here is relaxed and calm. They seem to think it is over. We shall see.

-- Ynott (, January 04, 2000.

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