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Hey, SH!

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"Shimoda -- Documentary proof of failures -- causal or coincidental -- is rare. Thanks for posting this. DPS=District Police Service? Can you tell us which staff/officers/admins are affected? Please repost.


-- SH (, January 03, 2000."


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Howdy, Folks!

Dunno if it is Y2K related, but interesting considering the time frame:


To: cc:

Subject: Electronic Building Access Cards

---------------------- Forwarded by /GSC on 01/03/2000 03:07 PM --------------------------- To:

Subject: Electronic Building Access Cards


The GSC Risk Management Office has received several reports this morning from people who have had problems with their electronic building access cards to the Central Services Building. The DPS/Capitol Police have indicated that since Friday (12/31), they have been in the process of making some major changes in the electronic security systems in the Capitol Complex area. They are working on a list of thousands of cards and it may be a few days before they are able to restore normal operations to all of them. DPS has indicated that it should be expected that access card problems of various types could continue to occur intermittently at least throughout the remainder of this week. DPS has asked users to be patient during this transitional period and please do not request a new card.

Please pass this information on to your staff.

Thanks, Debbie

-- Shimoda (, January 03, 2000


BTW, y'all got it sent here seconds after I read it.

Liz has it right; DPS stands for Department of Public Safety. What we call DPS officers are kinda like State Police(for all intents and purposes, they are state police; their jurisdiction is in the entire state of Texas. Accused of speeding by a DPS officer in Brownsville? Officer issues you a bogus ticket to meet a quota? A DPS officer in Amarillo can lock you up for that warrant they issued on you for trying to county hop to get out of ponying up your gold. Nowhere to hide...), and they patrol and administer security in the Capitol Complex in Austin, Texas.

As to which which staff/officers/admins are affected, it appears to be random. A guy in my department can't get into the building; I can. Another guy I know can open one door in the building, but not the others(If you can get into the building at one door, you should be able to enter the building at all entrances). Totally weird.

SH, you wrote, "Documentary proof of failures -- causal or coincidental -- is rare."

It shouldn't be.

E-mail about the Y2K Bug has been floating around for some time now, and more internal stuff about failures will no doubt be generated in the coming hours/days/weeks/months. Lots of you folks wil be privy to this sort of thing, just as I am. I urge all of you: once you get this information, post it in a viable form here on this forum. Delete personal references if you must(hey, we all gotta work for a while at these jobs to get more rice and beans before things tank), but try to leave in the Agency/company names, so we can see where the failures/sucessful repairs are happening. We will all benefit from this honest exchange of information, and we'll have a clearer picture of what to expect during the coming weeks/months, whether it be good or bad.

As I get more info(including from sources that I know are reliable), I'll keep it coming.

Y'all take care!



-- Shimoda (, January 03, 2000


Cool. Thanks, Don.


-- SH (, January 04, 2000.

Howdy, Folks!

Just read the recent posts about information disclosure; thought I'd elaborate a bit on the above post(BTW, hear, hear! Let's all try to give as much information as we can, so we can figure out where all of this stuff is happening).

GSC stands for General Services Commission. The main offices are in the Central Services Building in the Capitol Complex in Austin, Texas. Sam is in the Risk Management Office; this department takes care of safety concerns and physical security issues(like issuing badges) for GSC.

Hope this helps!

More as I get it...



-- Shimoda (, January 04, 2000.

neat facts. more facts. when y2k is over we can all use print-outs of our posts to land newspaper jobs

-- mrunderhill (, January 04, 2000.

Who, the Hell, are all these "Pop Up" posters, I have never seen before? Villians at the Gate? Yet, Ye cast a vote, you long term posters.

-- Whare the hell (, January 04, 2000.

Don Shimoda, thank you for the tidbits. Interesting.

-- locking (doors@pain.derrihre), January 04, 2000.

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