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Thank you for keeping the site up. I have been maintaining a disk diary of incidents occurring after 12/20/1999 which I felt my children and grandchildren could review and assess in a few years as the situation grows more complex. This forum is providing a great deal of significant information. I have a strong background in central nervous system research, so I appreciate solid documentation, but as a researcher I also appreciate the value of anecdotal evidence. The people who have been participating here a long time should take a great deal of pride in being the "founding fathers". The forum seems to be the only resource available to the general population to disseminate or acquire information from a broad base. Thanks again for your efforts and good work. Also, some of the material while not of strict historical or research value makes wonderful and entertaining reading and certainly lightens up the parts of the day I spend reviewing your site.

-- m. morris (, January 03, 2000

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