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Jan 3, 2000 (Gloomwire) - So you think the computer screen you're looking at is real? Think again. Y2K Doom and Gloomers, the superior race of humans, have uncovered proof that the world doesn't really exist. "The "world" we believe we are on had one truth, that it would end come Y2K," claims one Doomer. "If the earth was real, our infrastructure certainly would have collapsed on the rollover. Therefore, the earth is not real."

Those humans who are less intelligent than the Doomers, the so-called "Pollyannas", say that this is the most credible theory put forth by the doomers so far. "It certainly is more believable than the theory that 1)Every problem happening today is due to Y2K, and 2)There is a massive media conspiracy to cover up the truth," said Realist, a respected Pollyanna.

We will attempt to find more evidence on this intriguing find. Stay tuned for more.

Jan 3, 2000

-- Realist (don't@want.spam), January 03, 2000


Yaaawwwwnnn. Delete.

-- PA Engineer (PA, January 03, 2000.

"said Realist, a respected Pollyanna."

IMO that statement alone demonstrates how far out of touch you really are.

So far, you haven't said a damn thing that would make you "respected."

Additionally, since you previously stated that you "prepared for Y2K," it appears that you don't even know what a "Pollyanna" is.

I suggest you do your homework before you further destroy any credibility you think you might have.

-- Hawk (flyin@high.again), January 03, 2000.

Darn that Michael Talbot, and his observations and such, in his book "The Holographic Universe". We all must be living in an illusion.

Hope I have a good attitude and can create a good illusion in "MY WORLD" He, He.

Somehow, it's all tied in, we will hopefully find out how, as time goes on.......

-- Michael (, January 03, 2000.

Listen " Realist " (?) ... I have solved you delema . What you think of as your mind , is really a rerun tape of a class B Italian horror film , shot in 1910 and NEVER released ( for OBVIOUS reasons ) . Please STOP running small episodes here .Take heart ; the EPA will be in touch soon. DON'T resist the men in the white suits . They will take you to " Happydale " and we will call your keeper right away . Super Brain

-- Super Brain (, January 04, 2000.

- Michael,

LOVE that book!

John Ludi

-- Ludi (, January 04, 2000.

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