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Have had a set of star plates gathering dust in the garage and decided that this would make a perfect small-size greenhouse for us...but the directions are missing. Does anyone have these or has built something with the plates and can help me??? Thanks.

-- Mutti (, January 03, 2000


Contact Stromberg's Chicks and Gamebirds at (218)587-2222 and see if you can purchase the instructions and cutting template seperately for Item # STAR. If you have to purchase the entire set for $44.50 to get the plans and templates, beleive me it's worth it. It would take hours to figure out the trigonometry and geometry to get the correct angles cut in the ends of the 2x4's (or 6 or 8 or whatever).

-- Ken Seger (, January 05, 2000.

After you get the instructions and get one put together, then comes the fun part. I built one and decided to do most of it in corrugated fiberglass. Bad choice. Cutting triangles, and figuring out how to insulate irregular surfaces was bad news. I did get it somewhat built then a wind storm blew it down a hill and finished it off. I think one would be much better off building a regular rectangular frame and use old windows. Now my mangled starplates sit in the shed -- where they will remain.

-- (, January 05, 2000.

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