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Just went to pick up tax forms at IRS site, and it looks like what may be a glitch, among all the 2000 and 1999 forms is what looks like forms for 1099, 1199, 1096, 0199 and many other years. These appear to be year numbers and not form numbers as they are followed by the form or schedule number. I wonder if this is representative of all of other IRS computers.


-- Lurkin (, January 03, 2000


Those are the revision dates of the forms. Usually they appear in the top corner of the form, sometimes in the bottom corner. Amazing how some forms change every year, but congress blesses us with yearly revisions for others!! I know it looks weird, but that's what it is.

-- dcpa (, January 03, 2000.


Looks like youre right, It does appear that they must be month-year abbreviations. Just looked strange. Sorry to waste valuable server space on this thread, but as long as I have already, Id like to take the time to thank Ed, the sysops and all the regular posters (except the loud mouthed pollys of course) for quite an education over the last year. I dont regret the preps Ive made at all, and am not at all convinced I wont be needing them later this year. I certainly hope not though.

-- Lurkin (, January 03, 2000.

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