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Not ONE SINGLE government benefit check printing/disbursement has been attempted ANYWHERE in the U.S., and will NOT be before the first of Feb.

Nuf said?

-- Dennis (, January 03, 2000


Are you talking since Jan 1, or the stuff they did early at the end of December. My wife gets a VA Comp check and they deposited it early and it was in the account. I am assuming you are talking today.

-- New Guy (, January 03, 2000.

Dennis, there is an exception to your statement, the Government pays it's employees each week, one flavor gets paid this Friday, the other flavor, Friday after that, Stay tuned, I will update and report the truth.

-- Love paydays (, January 03, 2000.

I am starting to understand now!!!!! Without governemtn checks, most of those living in a a bunker with no job cannot survive! Well, I guess maybe they can as I am sure they have laid in pallets of duct tape to barter.

-- SCARY (, January 03, 2000.

Absolutely correct. All the govt checks (state & Fed) were printed and mailed or sent to the banks LAST week. The checks were AT the PO and banks on Friday 31st, but PO was instructed not to deliver til today (3rd) and banks did not credit til today.

In effect, no one will KNOW for SURE that the govt disbursmemts system is working til February.

-- You're Right (, January 03, 2000.

I was told today by a gentleman working with us, that he phoned the Canada Pension Plan Office the first week in December/99 to ask a question. He then got talking to them about Y2k and cheques going out and was told that all the Dec cheques were done, and half of Jan/2000 and they hoped to have Feb/2000 done by the end of the year.

In this case the cheques would only have to be mailed and if the Canada Post worked, no problems. It seems like a good workaround and should work for those whose payment never changes.

My husband is planning to take retirement this spring and I was told to apply about 3 months ahead, which is the same lead time as we were told last year. It will be interesting to see how long it does take. But if it is true that the cheques are done, the staff will have lots of time to work out the bugs. I will phone tomorrow when they reopen and check this with them, but it goes along with what I have been hearing about govt. depts.

-- Laurane (, January 03, 2000.

Military checks were posted on December 30, 1999 by direct deposit, as well as Social Security checks. This is to (obviously) cover for January, so the Federal government has bought themselves a month's time to finish their programming. I sure hope they make it.

-- Marie (, January 03, 2000.

Let nobody be heard calling this a cover-up. This is simply GOOD business when faced with an unknown scenario.

-- Michael Erskine (, January 03, 2000.

In my case, I am officially a state employee, working at the University of California, Irvine. My direct deposit was posted today as is always the case at the start of the year, ie after the New Year's holiday for tax purposes. The Feds, who knows, but on this particular state level, viva.

-- Ned Raggett (, January 03, 2000.

Dennis, wanna take another shot a that 'One Thing'? Where do you dream up such bulls**t? Break open some of that hamburger helper and pork out, take a long nap, fire up the old generator, and kick back. It never fails to amaze how you know nothings can sound so absolutely authoritive. But then, thats what this whole Y2K thing has been about.

-- Look (at@the.facts), January 03, 2000.

I can confirm Marie's post about the military's checks being deposited on the 30th. They owe me another one around the 15th. I will report on whether or not I receieve it.

-- John Ainsworth (, January 03, 2000.

I thought it might be worthwhile to bring this back to the top...

-- Dennis (, January 07, 2000.

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