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I want to enter the drowned nations and I know there is a door to it on the right side of the entrance room to the Warren of Thoughts (rat catcombs). This door is closed and there is no way to openit. I tried with the crowbar, and I also tried with my thief skills (once Ichanged from Warrior to Thief). I had to buy the Strategies and Secrets book and all it tells is I should be able to go to the drowned nations by means of this door. How do I open it? Do I need a key? Where do I find it? Thanks!


-- Jose Ivan Quinones (, January 03, 2000


you must mean the Drowned Nations catacombs. As far as i know you must go to the drowned nations where the Silent king and the skeleton priest are. After completing some quests there a locked door should open in the drowned nations and from there you can go to the catacombs

-- (, January 05, 2000.

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