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Too much pride in the god of technology often leaves people to themselves relying on their own strength so when unexpected things happen they find themselves ill-prepared and I'm not just talking about the computer. I see some people here trust to themselves and their knowledge of computers so they rely on their own strength will in time of need be left to their own strength. Ed is able to see the technical, the economical and the self-reliance that is needed to deal with any emergencies that should arise, he teaches people to be self-reliant, that is a very important skill to have, you technicians need to learn how to be self-reliant to cope with any emergencies for all your computer know-how will fail you one day if you do not learn how to be self-reliant and learn wisdom not just mere technical knowledge.

-- Brent Nichols (, January 03, 2000


Brent, be careful....

You're perilously close to surpassing Andy and Invar in the mindless ranting department....not a badge to wear proudly I'm afraid!

-- Craig (, January 03, 2000.

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