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Howdy, Folks!

Dunno if it is Y2K related, but interesting considering the time frame:


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Subject: Electronic Building Access Cards

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Subject: Electronic Building Access Cards


The GSC Risk Management Office has received several reports this morning from people who have had problems with their electronic building access cards to the Central Services Building. The DPS/Capitol Police have indicated that since Friday (12/31), they have been in the process of making some major changes in the electronic security systems in the Capitol Complex area. They are working on a list of thousands of cards and it may be a few days before they are able to restore normal operations to all of them. DPS has indicated that it should be expected that access card problems of various types could continue to occur intermittently at least throughout the remainder of this week. DPS has asked users to be patient during this transitional period and please do not request a new card.

Please pass this information on to your staff.

Thanks, Debbie

-- Shimoda (, January 03, 2000


Shimoda -- Documentary proof of failures -- causal or coincidental -- is rare. Thanks for posting this. DPS=District Police Service? Can you tell us which staff/officers/admins are affected? Please repost.


-- SH (, January 03, 2000.

SH: DPS = Department of Public Safety

-- Liz (, January 03, 2000.

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