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One of the systems I work with is PeopleSoft. At the 1998 user's conference in San Francisco I bought a "countdown clock" with the PeopleSoft logo on it. At the 1999 conference in New Orleans, my VP did the same. The clocks are can be programed with any "target" date for countdown purposes. I have used it to countdown to deadlines several times before with no issues.

This morning when we came in to work, both out clocks had rolled over, and both had suffered identical errors. The year in both the target date and current date had gone from 1999 to 1990, and the clock had lost exactly 1 hour. As I mentioned, I had rolled over past target dates before with no issues, but both my clock and my boss' clock experienced identical failures. Resetting the date and time seems to have fixed both clocks.

We have already processed a week's HR transactions for week ending 1/1/200. Last night, we also processed payroll for over 15,000 employees for week ending 1/1/2000. The only Y2K bugs we have had with any PeopleSoft product are in those dumb little clocks.

Go figure.

-- Paul Neuhardt (, January 03, 2000



Do you mudwrestle?

-- (I', January 03, 2000.

Not on purpose.

-- Paul Neuhardt (, January 03, 2000.

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