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YWell ... 2000 is here and so are we. Was all the talk of a Y2K computer catastrophe panicked hype or worthwhile prevention?

It was media-driven hysterical hype 11025 42.4%

It was a major problem we managed to successfully avoid 3294 12.7%

It was a bit of both 11257 43.3%

Not sure / no opinion 398 1.5%

Total votes: 25974

OK, just between you and me ... you were a little worried about Y2K weren't you?

You bet -- anything could have happened 2743 10.6%

A little, but not too much 12929 49.8%

Nah -- I knew all along we would be fine 10266 39.6%

Total votes: 25938 Still, didn't you prepare just a little bit for the big calendar rollover?

OK -- I prepared as if a storm was coming 5979 23.0%

Yes -- I took out a little extra cash 4318 16.6%

You bet -- I was in the bunker with my guns, beef jerky and assets in gold coins ready for the post-apocalyptic world 331 1.3%

No -- I didn't do anything special 15350 59.1%

Total votes: 25978

Today is the first work day of the new century. How do you feel?

Optimistic -- we're entering a new age 8646 33.4%

Reticent -- our new world has me a bit unsure 1888 7.3%

Tired -- it's Monday 15372 59.3%

Total votes: 25906

-- AOL sucks!!! (and I'm, January 03, 2000


I consider myself a main stream conservative but I am in the minority of everyone of the above questions.

Still too early to draw any conclusions.

-- Bill P (, January 03, 2000.

man what a scary poll! proves that the peeple are sheeple

Keep listening to what the spin doctors tell you guys!.....

-- (low@down.sneaks), January 03, 2000.

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