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Over the weekend, I discovered that the credit card authorization software, MacAuthorize v2.3b, we use for our home business does not display any daily batches for transactions occurring in the year 2000. We're lucky that this is not a "mission-critical" function, but it is a major inconvenience since we now must open the daily batch files from within the "Transactions" folder in the MacAuthorize applications folder in order to settle batches each night. I've called Tellan sofware support regarding this problem but have not received any answer from them yet.

What is interesting is that Tellan Software (writers of MacAuthorize) assured us (in writing) that the software was fully Y2K commpliant. I wonder how many other "bugs" are going to surface today in supposedly "Y2K-ready" software in use by small businesses?

-- Brian E. Smith (, January 03, 2000

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