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I hope this comes through sometimes a copied text doesn't with AOL--anyway, I had sent a note to Sam Vincent Meddis at USA Today protesting the lack of coverage of Y2K. Now he sent me an email asking what I think at this point.

My statement was that I'm truly pissed at the lack of pre-rollover coverage. In my opinion, people ought to have prepared because of the dangerous possibilities. It's ridiculous now to say, "See, everything is all right." Thank God millions didn't die, but we all know that NO ONE KNEW what the outcome would be. The nerve of these people to say--see--based on their opinion, with lives at stake. For SHAME.

<< Reaction? -------------------- Sam Vincent Meddis Technology Editor >>


Now the media is saying that there WAS a crisis. Why didn't we get that coverage pre-rollover? As for "reaction," we will see. That is why depth of understanding was/is needed--as this story UNFOLDS.

Reaction? I am outraged and have lost any twig of trust I had in the media.


-- Mara (, January 03, 2000


The media can't waste it's time reporting every little y2k issue, they have better things to report. They don't report every car crash thousands of miles away... Furthermore, they did NOT claim that everything was ok, they warned that there could be problems in the coming weeks and months So what was wrong with the coverage? I don't understand. You would be disappointed with the media whatever they do, due to your bias, since you always assume they are lying.

-- Realist (don't@want.spam), January 03, 2000.

Mara - you mean you trusted the media?

-- ~~~~ (~~~@~~~.xcom), January 03, 2000.

Gold at $11,506.73 an ounce per USA Today charts. It MUST be true!

-- Total Doomer (, January 03, 2000.

Realist, Maybe I should add that I worked as a trade journalist for 20 years. The press did an inadequate job. Period.

-- Mara (, January 03, 2000.

I agree with Mara. As a former journalist at metro dailies for almost 20 years, I feel the media blew it on Y2K, both ways. Too little meaningful coverage before Rollover, downplaying the real risks, and then incredulous questions after New Year's, asking why no "expected" catastrophes had happened ... blink blink...

-- Oxsys (, January 03, 2000.

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