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This morning local NBC news reporting an accident at Arkansas' Pine Bluff Arsenal. Lots of nasty chemicals there. No details other than it was due to a "mechanical failure."

Two stories later: Absolutely no reports of Y2K failures.

-- Lisa (, January 03, 2000


I see. We all know that all machanical failures are a conspiracy of some sort... this to cover up Y2K.

-- Realist (don't@want.spam), January 03, 2000.

Relax. I have lived in Arkansas all of my life, 45 minutes away from the Pine Bluff arsenal. This is the first injury there, attributed to mechanical failure, I can recall being reported. Due to the timing, I am inclined to "consider" the possibilities. Not jumping to conclusions, just throwing out food for thought.

-- Lisa (, January 04, 2000.

Latest news on cause of injury as reported by local CBS affiliate KTHV Channel 11 is that "officials know what might have caused" the accident. They believe there may have been a leak in a white phosporus holding tank (used to make smoke bombs). This possible leak might have allowed oxygen to enter the tank, and caused the chemical to ignite.

Frankly, Y2K or not, I find it a bit un-nerving that there are leaky tanks at a chemical arsenal.

-- Lisa (, January 04, 2000.

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