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Is there a way to create a Video CD using a Unix Box (linux for example)? I know how to create a MPEG-1 file, know how to burn a CD (ISO) but i don't know what are all the others files on a VCD ... Is there some tools/sourcecode to create them ? Is there a way to find the specs of those files...


-- Jean-Baptiste Vignaud (jbv@freesurf.fr), January 03, 2000


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-- rfr (ilui@hyt.com), January 05, 2000.

Here are some websites I ran across that should help. I wonder if I can use any of these on UNIX-based systems such as SGI IRIX as well?

GNU VideoCD Image Maker - http://www.hvrlab.dhs.org/~hvr/vcdimager/ Making VideoCDs under Linux - http://www.munich-vision.de/vcd/

A buncha other links off some guy's page :) - http://www.atlantek.com.au/~wes/bookmarks/Linux/CDR/

Enjoy! And if anyone knows anything about making SVCDs on SGI systems (such as the O2) PLEASE E-mail me!!

Pegasus/RPG of the Commodore 64 http://rpg.c64.org

-- Sean Pappalardo (pegasus@c64.org), December 11, 2000.

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