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Sitting in front of my Solaris 2.6 workstation and looking okay.

The one problem I did have was that I could not log in and was kicked out each time despite a correct password!

Investigation showed that a patch installed at some point for Solaris (we don't know if it was a Y2K patch) may have introduced another bug triggered by a certain type of line in the ".profile" file.

The problem is now rectified but the patch history is being investigated.



-- Shuggy (, January 03, 2000


I dont know if you guys do password expiration, but if you do then check your system if expired passwords/accounts are suddenly active again. This has been a known bug in different flavors of unix and other operating systems like it.

-- hamster (, January 03, 2000.


The password was still valid and Open Windows Desktop began to come up and then logged out again.

It was tracked down to "exec" being called in the .profile file but funnily enough it only happened when the "chooser" program was running. So we suspect a patch bug in te Y2K patch or another patch.



-- Shuggy (, January 03, 2000.

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