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Howdy, Folks!

I'm wondering, just kicking around some random thoughts(sparked up by a recent post on this forum).

So, who ya gonna sue?

I mean, if there is some strict legislation in place to protect businesses from getting majorly thrashed in court for Y2K related failures, don't you think maybe there will be more reports of Y2K related failures then there actually are truly related incidents?

Seems like if I could cover my fanny from an expensive lawsuit by saying "It was all the fault of the Y2K Bug," I might be tempted to go that route to save myself some major moolah.

Assuming of course, I was not entirely honest, and willing to milk the system...

Any thoughts?



-- Shimoda (enlighten@me.com), January 02, 2000


Interesting spin. It makes a lot of sense - Y2K will become a scape-goat for just about any screw-up for the next two months at least.

-- Think It (Through@Pollies.Duh), January 02, 2000.

Todays Special: Morals; see: principle: adhereing to rule of conduct. Broad. Very Broad. True story: My son fell off his bike in a neighbors driveway. He ruptured his spleen. He nearly died. THEY called; THEM: "Is 'Joe okay?', are you going to sue us?" ME: He'll live, thank God, why are you worried, did you PUSH HIM off the bike? THEM: No! We weren't even home when it happened! ME: Then why would I sue you? THEM: Well, we don't know, everybody does these days! ME: No thanks, I'm just grateful my child is alive, and I thank you,(tounge in cheek) for your concern (for yourself) Bye. This is a day for judgment. The 'piper' gets paid later. Hopefully, much much later!

-- Kathy (catfish@bestweb.net), January 02, 2000.

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