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To all the great people here at this board,

For the record... I am on no one's side but my own. I am neither a polly nor a doomer. I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion. It's not necessarily right or wrong, but merely someone's perception of the world as they see it, shaped by many factors. I am interested in what EVERYONE has to say. I've enjoyed reading posts by Ladylogic as well as Bob, Andy, Nikoli and others. It doesn't mean that I believe everything that I read and agree with everyone's opinion. I form my own truth, what makes sense for me and what doesn't.

I do have the utmost respect for those who passionately stand up for what they believe in, in the face of adversity and ridicule. These are people who have courage and heart and will not be wishy-washy in their beliefs. At the same time they do not INSIST that others agree with them, they merely want to share their truth.

All of the world is NEVER going to agree in unison on everything. Let's just listen to what everyone has to say. If you open up your minds and be receptive, you may just hear something that makes a lot of sense to you.

ok...let the celebrations continue (smirk) =)


-- cin (, January 02, 2000


Here, here cin!

-- mello1 (, January 02, 2000.

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