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Jan 2, 2000 - 01:44 PM

Prison Inmate Fearing Millennium Sews Eyes, Lips Shut

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) - A prison inmate sewed his eyes and lips shut with dental floss because he feared the new year, officials said.

New Hampshire State Prison guards found the inmate, who was serving time for cocaine possession, covered in baby powder and clutching a Bible on Friday night, said Mark Wefers, chief of internal investigations at the prison.

"The inmate told corrections officers he was in fear of the new year," Wefers said.

The prisoner, whose name wasn't released, used needles that guards found in his cell. It was not clear where he got the needles.

The inmate suffered some blood loss, but not enough to warrant a trip to the hospital. He was being held at the prison for psychological and medical evaluation.

Check in, Bud.

-- ouch (, January 02, 2000


Covered in baby powder?

Paging NASA ...

-- need that too (shopping@list.extended), January 02, 2000.

Sewed his eyes shut? A TRUE doomer! Well, maybe not, he did sew his mouth shut too.

-- laughing (, January 02, 2000.

Help!!!!! I can't see!!

-- Porky (Porky@in.cellblockD), January 02, 2000.

Did he brush and floss first before sewing up his lips?

-- dinosaur (, January 02, 2000.

Save a copy of the video for Porky.

-- snooze button (, January 02, 2000.

If he was smart, that wasn't all he sewed up!!

-- Porky (Porky@in.cellblockD), January 02, 2000.

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