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The two main concerns of Y2K were the embedded systems and the broken code in the mainframe computers of industry and government.

Even those government agencies and corporate entities that reassured us, admittedly said their would be problems from the embedded systems. So far, there has been nothing, zilch, from embedded systems. These were to have failed at rollover. This leads me to believe there was never a problem from the embedded systems in the first place. Even countries that have hardly done any work on Y2K have had no problems.

The other big concern was the broken code. There has been much evidence of problems from this even before rollover. The code is still broken. It was impossible for this to have been fully corrected before 1/1/2000. In my estimation this will cause problems for months and possibly years to come. This will cause business failures extended over a long time frame and we will never know the real reason for these failures. If this does not happen then the broken code made no difference anyway.

My greatest fear of Y2K was that there would be so many failures ALL AT ONCE that it would bring down the house of cards. This evidently has been averted or at least postponed.

The greatest bubble in the history of mankind is now going on. I have been thinking for the past 30 years that it could not go on so don't depend on my prognostications. I just received Dr. Ed Yardeni's email list mailing. Here is an excerpt from this:

************************* "COMMENT: If Y2K remains a nonevent, then why assign any odds of a recession this year? Good question. My year 2000 recession forecast was based on Y2K disruptions bursting the speculative bubble in the stock market. Of course, the market is less vulnerable if there are no disruptions. So, the bubble could get even bigger. High valuations may be justified to a certain extent by the New Economy fundamentals of strong growth with low inflation. However, tech stock prices are soaring to levels that only make sense in the "Yahoo Economy." If Yahoo is worth $400 per share today, why not $1000?" *************************

"Ponzi Schemes" never end until they reach the base where there is no more place to go.

A "recession is when you have no income. A "depression" is when I have no income.

I have no regrets for the preparations I have made. I will make use of all of it and will continue for the rest of my life to be prepared for unforseen circumstances.

I have learned more in the past 2 1/2 years about life, general knowledge and values than I had in my previous 66 years combined. Much of this knowledge was from the threat of Y2K.

It is not over until the "Fat Lady" sings and I'm not sure she has even arrived at the opera house yet.

Happy year 2000 to all.


-- JS (, January 02, 2000


JS...Good post.

-- shockwave (, January 02, 2000.

Ditto - luck to ya.

-- Andy (, January 02, 2000.


I agree. My preps give me a sense of security. We have gone ahead with utilizing them. They are good "alpha strategy" for higher prices.

What I don't use, I donate. Giving is good for the spirit. There is always someone at a foodbank that can use that extra jar of peanut butter or bucket of dried milk.

We have decided not to look back but look forward. We are enjoying our oil lamp and candles NOW. We are making the creative use or donation of our preparations a priority NOW. In my world of MS, thinking about all the things I have lost, while important to grieve, is something that takes my precious energy. Thinking of all the creative things I can do gives me joy. Joy is a lot more fun. I recommend it.

Blessings and peace to you always, JS.

-- Leslie (***@***.net), January 02, 2000.

Nice bit of writing. I especially like, a "recession" is when you have no income, a "depression" is when I have no income.

Preps are not going to hurt you, any more than they already have. With that said, I will make an honest admission. I never really prepped. I gathered my weapons. I got up some firewood. I did not spend on things I did not need. Then I prayed. I am still praying.

I remain, waiting.

-- Michael Erskine (, January 02, 2000.

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