Who pays for the cost?

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As I was watching the news, I realized that many companys are going to shuffle the costs they have had for Y2K onto..... who???? US! In fact I heard that UPS was already planning on increasing there prices. I am going to hang on to my supplies just in case some of these companies..... decide they need to increase the price of products because they had to pay for extra computers... or even people making $15 an hour to sit and watch to make sure nothing happened. Of course we have already paid for the $50 million government operations command center.... right? Just my thought. :)

-- Ruddell (Lyhjd@msn.com), January 02, 2000


You are right my friend we are all going to pay the total cost for the remedial repair for Y2K. Insurance has already reimbursed the biggies millions for their computer repairs. Guess who will get the shaft for this. Insurance does not come out on the short end. You and me the responsible, loyal taxpayer. We pay the cost and big corps reap the benefits. It is ironic also because these same corps are going to try and claim loss when havoc arises from the ins. This is when the Ins., lawyers, people who so depend on lies, will bring out the truth of the matter, showing the corps that their loss is in fact YK2K related, and it will be a no pay on this side of the fence. The corps want reimbursed for fixing the problem, and then again when the problem actually arises, and we get stuck at both ends.

-- Notforlong (Fsur439@aol.com), January 02, 2000.

Ruddell, this is why it was criminally negligent for industry and business not to set up a system years ago, perhaps thru their trade organizations, to determine what really needed to be fixed and the most efficient way to do that. The crisis management the last year and a half was utterly irresponsible. We'll be paying for years to come for their arrogance and mismanagement.

-- Brooks (brooksbie@hotmail.com), January 02, 2000.

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