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Sunday January 2, 2000 8:33 a.m. EST

Some Y2K Glitches Hit South Korea

Seoul, South Korea-AP -- South Korean officials say they've suffered a few bites from the Y-2-K bug.

Year 2000 computer glitches cut off heating and hot water in an apartment block and caused a hospital to record a newborn's age as 100.

About 900 apartments south of Seoul went without heat for several hours.

Technicians fixed the problem by switching the heating system to manual control.

A hospital says its computer recorded a newborn's birthday as January first, 1900 -- instead of January first, 2000.

Another hospital shut down equipment used to measure a patient's bone density because the machine couldn't register the year 2000.

Officials say patients weren't harmed.

All of the problems cropped up in the area surrounding Seoul. The region had been accused of neglecting Y-2-K preparations.

-- Old Git (, January 02, 2000

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