Today's New York Times front page: "Vast Effort to Fix Computers Defended (and It's Not Over)" I've posted excerpts, but can someone please post the complete text? : LUSENET : TimeBomb 2000 (Y2000) : One Thread


" 'Probably 10 percent of the world's computer systems had a workout at the gym this weekend, but 90 percent did not,' said Dr. Howard Rubin, chairman of the department of computer science at Hunter College and an international expert on the Year 2000 computer problem. 'The statistics say there's still got to be something out there that's wrong. It'll take weeks, perhaps a full year, to understand the full impact.'...(However), Dr. Rubin termed the rollover an 'extraordinary success.'"

Thank you for help in posting the complete text.


-- eve (, January 02, 2000

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