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From: Y2K, ` la Carte by Dancr (pic), near Monterey, California

The father of a friend of mine fell ill with an upper respiratory problem just after they stood outside looking at the big moon last week. My friend then came down with it the next day, Christmas Eve. They both coughed hard. My friend (age 19) is usually in good health. The father (age 47) is a disabled Vietnam Veteran (nerve & back problems). My friend was sick in bed for three days but has recently gotten better to the point he could get up and walk around, and get online.

The father coughed so hard he vomited, just as my own son has done. They finally took the father to the hospital tonight and left him there, where the ER was full of others with the same problem, perhaps as many as 40 people. They wanted to go to the VA hospital but it was too overcrowded, so they ended up at a civilian hospital.

The medical team turned white when they saw him and their jaws dropped. The immediately hooked him up (within four minutes) to a variety of equipment and started running tests on him. One of the nurses appeared ill as well. A nurse told the father that three had died from this problem. They did not offer a diagnosis. We managed to find one of the deaths in a local paper, but it did not mention a cause of death, saying only that he "died in the hospital."

My friend had never heard of chemtrails until I started asking him about them tonight, but had taken note of some eerie cloud formations on the night of the big moon, that my friend now says look just like the pictures I took.

Coincidentally, a great aunt (age 86) of my friend, who also lives in the St. Louis area, died on December 26th. My friend did not know her and did not hear what the cause had been. The newspaper does not offer a reason in her obituary, though natural causes are obviously the likely culprit in that case.

Can anyone else confirm sighting of the chemtrails on the night of the big moon? How about a confirmation on the over full ERs in that general area? I know this is a normal problem on the night of any full moon, but this one sounds excessively over full. Any other St. Louis area residents with upper respiratory symptoms during the past week?

I do vaguely recall a post asking folks to "confirm rumors with sysops." Sorry if I have violated that request if it had any merrit. It doesn't seem to me as though that kind of supervisory attention really needs to happen.

-- Dancr (addy.available@my.webpage), January 02, 2000


Don't know about St. Louis, but we got blasted here in NE Arkansas last week, and there's a real epidemic here of what you just described.

-- Linda (, January 02, 2000.

Last week, as I was driving to work, radio report asked everyone to go to the clnics, as the hospitals in LA and Orange county were overflowing from flu victims... talked Thursday to a client with the State Department in Virginia, mentioned the flu kicking ass here, and he replied it was bad there too...

Bad flu season this year, but little coverage so far...

-- Carl (, January 02, 2000.

This same sickness has been all over here on the West Coast also. I was stuck in bed for 5 days till I could get up and move around and I live here in Seattle. Quite a few have had this stuff here in the Northwest. Also heard that it was all over in the Los Angeles area. This sickness is so hard to get rid of. I am still coughing, etc. from this and it has been near 3 or so weeks now. Take Care!

-- Kayla (, January 02, 2000.

My wife has her hair done every Wed., her hairdresser, a good friend of hers and a member of our church said she visited her father at a nursing home the other day. He was seriously ill with the flu, not only that but there were also thirty five others there down with the flu., and this a small unit, that was almost the entire nursing home patients.

-- Notforlong (, January 02, 2000.

What's a chemtrail?

Sorry, I've seen the word used on this forum but I missed the post that said what it was.

-- Ariana (, January 02, 2000.


Basically, a contrail is that liitle white line you see from a jet way up in the air... a chemtrail is this really thick line you see from jets flying a lot lower than they should be, that takes a long time to go away... sometimes they make pretty patterns like they are playing tic-tac-toe...

So some people, seeing these unusual thick, lingering contrails, have decided we're being sprayed... for what, nobody seems to know, but of course that means lots of opinions....

Are they real? I've seen them, so have many others...

What are they? Your guess is as good as mine...

-- Carl (, January 02, 2000.

Ariana, also residue substances collected from some of these chem/contrails have tested to have human while blood cells and other nasty things. It's pretty hard to get a sample, but some folks have.

-- Lurkess (Lurkess@Lurking.Net), January 02, 2000.

Y2K - Day 1 - Keep Your Helmet On Ken Welch 1-1-2000

What a strange feeling to be so painfully aware of all the things that could go wrong with the 2000 date roll-over, and then watch and listen to an endless string of "No Problem - No Problem - No Problem." Rigidly controlled news at it's finest! Even with the Internet, news reporting over holidays and weekends is usually minimal. Still, considering the world's concern, the lack of information during this critical time was a dead giveaway.

Before continuing, I must declare how grateful I am to the armies of planners, engineers, programmers, and technicians who have worked all year to make sure that the power grid stayed up today, water is still pumping and, thank you Lord, the Internet and phone systems are working perfectly. Few people realize that some manufacturers of heavy power equipment were still selling brand new non-compliant equipment to electric utilities only 18 months ago. Without a monumental effort, this country and much of the world would have been on its way to the stone age this morning. The Y2K threat has always been devastatingly real.

I don't think we would have actually arrived at the stone age, because I have great faith in the efforts of dedicated people to find their way around even the greatest of problems. But the interim would have been pure chaos.

Today, Day One, is a Saturday. With power, water, and communications working, there's really not all that much that can go wrong with the average weekend. We haven't tried to run out and charge something, so we can only guess that electronic banking, where the largest and earliest effort was mounted, is also working fine. What more could we ask for? I'm guessing there may be a few gas stations with low or empty tanks, but we weren't planning to go anywhere, anyway. What else is going on? No one can tell. The news blackout continues.

Thousands of crisis teams are in place right now,in medium and large businesses, overseeing their companies' information systems as they test the transition of vital business systems. How are they doing? To judge from the wire services, no one has bothered to ask. The country's railroad network shut down last night, for safety. Did it come up again? No one is saying. And of great concern, a huge number of oil and gas pipelines, highly susceptible to the embedded chip problem, also shut down to avoid trouble. Are they running again? How strange that no one seems to know or care.

Last night's reporting by news organizations was nothing less than bizarre. As the date change began in the South Pacific, a parade of nearly identical stories came across the major wire services. From each country the same report, "We had a wonderful celebration, and the lights are still on." Period. End of story. New Zealand's OK? Fine. No more news from New Zealand. Great party in Australia, mate? Fine. No more news from Australia. On and on it went. Great party. Lights still on. News Blackout. At 8 AM this morning, Reuters filed a story indicating their headline writer didn't understand the basic concept: "World Completes Crisis-Free Millennium". So much for a thousand years of history.

Only the Japanese had the honesty to report trouble, thankfully minor, at two nuclear generating plants. At the International Y2K Cooperation Center, only tiny Gambia had the guts to list their government computer systems as "yellow" while the rest of the world's nations show "green" in all sectors.

At my neighbor's business (30-40 employees), they already know that the security gates to the parking lot won't open, and the employee time clock can no longer talk to the main computer. To give them credit, they've spent a long time getting ready, struggled with countless problems as they changed computer programs, and knew ahead of time these particular gadgets would probably fail. They just couldn't find reasonable fixes for them. Monday, they will go to manual operation.

So it looks like we are to enter the new year blind, and on Monday morning we begin what may be, in economic terms, the death of a thousand cuts. Later you can see the movie, "Revenge of the Nonessential Systems!" If nothing else, in data processing centers the world over, managers are going to remember that back in the farthest filing cabinet is a large stack of almost forgotten programs labeled "Year-End Processing". They were non-essential on Day One...

The majority of business that experience true computer disasters go bankrupt within months. Some within a few weeks. Rather than full blown disaster, however, the threat from Y2K is a steadily increasing drag on productivity and resources. As everything takes more time and effort, the bottom line shrinks, and jobs are threatened. Since this is occurring everywhere, sales are effected, losses increase, and so on. In the meantime, we can still approach disaster level quickly if the supply of refined petroleum products has sustained a significant hit from the Y2K bug. Just a 20% cut in gasoline supply could be economically ruinous.

If you read my Chemtrail Christmas article [] you know that Uncle Sam and other governments have bet the farm on an imminent and ugly catastrophe of some kind. It would be foolish indeed to think that since the world got through Day One, we can discard the careful preparations so many of us have made for difficult times. In fact, I am thrilled that I have more time for thoughtful preparation. My list of small things we had forgotten, or never gotten around to, was getting awfully long! I definitely want more spices for survival cooking, and I'd like to put some more deep-cycle batteries in the motor-home's electrical system. All sorts of things. Perhaps another box of P95 surgical masks to ward off the NWO flu.

I had really hoped that we'd seen an end to the chemtrails. The awesome chemical barrage of Houston and the surrounding counties during the holiday period certainly had a feeling of climax about it. The Ethylene Dibromide that falls from the fuel-aerosol plumes was rolling through our location north of the city about every two hours from dawn until midnight Wednesday and Thursday. I was really getting tired of my AOSafety "professional" mask [] that protects against both chemtrails and the nasty bugs that sometimes accompany them. When the spraying stopped abruptly in the first minutes of New Years Eve, I found myself thinking, hoping, that the budget had run out - that there might be no more spraying for a while. Beautiful blue skies Friday and this morning, also, with some clouds moving up from the south around noon today. About three this afternoon, we drove into Conroe on an errand, glanced upward, and there they were. Two tankers pumping away, building up a nice haze over Conroe and it's surroundings. That poor town, straddling the vital I-45 corridor north from Houston, has been hit so many times I've lost count. So much for a neat end to chemtrails.

So keep your helmet on my friends. Don't sell the survival food. Keep thinking about what might come in handy. What could you offer in trade if paper dollars become worthless, or if everyone including yourself is out of work? How would you function if you could only get five gallons of gasoline for the month? The Y2K threat now shifts to the economic front, and it is just as real as it always was.

Released overnight, when no one was supposed to be watching, is a statement that the Fed expects one business in thirteen to die this year from Y2K computer problems. It is probably the highest number they thought they could get away with and not panic everyone. This would be on top of the normal failure rate. Just remember the little computer voice that says, "Nothing could possibly go wrong... go wrong... go wrong..."

-- Andy (, January 02, 2000.

That wore me out...

Good night all, hope your still here tomorrow...

-- Carl (, January 02, 2000.

Don't know- but up here in VT, lots of people have been quite sick- but no chemtrails that I know of. I've been sick for 2 weeks- and I rarely get sick.

-- farmer (, January 02, 2000.

We're all sick in Denver im my group of 20, nearly all have had these typed of symptoms...

-- Andy (, January 02, 2000.

Living here in Belgium. We have chemtrails also. Sometimes the x's go as far as the eye can see. The flu is also over here.

-- Cherry (, January 02, 2000.

I have relatives in the St. Louis area city and surrounding counties 40-50 mi. apart. They have been sick with what has been diagnosed as the flu by their respective doctors. Some similar symptoms, some not so similar.

-- curious (, January 02, 2000.

From: Y2K, ` la Carte by Dancr (pic), near Monterey, California

Ariana: Sorry, I meant to tack a link to my Chemtrails Webpage to that post. Also, I meant to link to the st ory about my own son, and to the photos that I took. Hope this helps.

-- Dancr (addy.available@my.webpage), January 02, 2000.

Remember that influenza is extremely contagious and spreads airborne between infected people. Now, I can't claim to know if there are really chemtrails or not but I do know that many folks around this community have been dealing with the flu - we have been homebodies, my son is no longer in daycare and voila' - no flu (yet!). I do work out in my garden alot and see the contrails but haven't gotten sick (at least recently, since paying more attention).

Now we are not some genetically superior beings (!>?) and I honestly think (a little bit of microbiology training helps) that we have not gotten sick because we aren't exposing ourselves to sick people!

Just my experience.

-- Kristi (, January 02, 2000.

This is my experience (oh gawd I'm gonna show my age), back in the 70's Hong Kong flu was going around and I got it.

It was miserable and the worst flu that I've ever had. The coughing wouldn't stop and nothing helped. Many people died from that stain of flu.

Guess what's back, yep it's a new strain of Hong Kong flu. I got my flu shots back in October and so far so good......

-- Mabel Dodge (, January 02, 2000.

Kansas City area has had an abnormally high number of cases of severe, persistent upper respiratory infections that do not respond to normal or extraordinary methods of treatment.

There have been several articles in the Kansas City Star recently about how the local hospitals are full to overflowing, especially the ICU's.

My own daughter has had a very debilitating bout of this 'stuff' for 8+ weeks now, and is marginally improved; not significantly better, but is not worsening by the day. She is a normally very healthy 23 year old, and had not responded to 4 different types of heavy duty antibiotics. She's seen 2 different doctors, and has gone to the ER twice.

My M-I-L has had this same type of thing off and on (never completely resolved) since September. I've had this same type of thing off and on since Halloween.

We've seen (and others have, also - has also been the subject of debate/question on several radio programs here) con/chemtrails here since last summer. These are NOT the normal contrails we've all seen. (Flame me with a torch, at will, if it makes you feel better - these AREN'T the same. I wear asbestos underwear. [G])

What this illness is (and it doesn't 'act' like any influenza most doctors have treated), it makes people VERY sick, and all but impossible to recover from. Whatever the con/chemtrails are, whatever reason we're seeing them...who knows? But it is very curious that their appearance in all parts of the country directly coincides with this particularly nasty outbreak of illnesses.

-- Wilferd (, January 02, 2000.

cough...cough...ack!!! cough...cough...

-- Captain Trips (Captain@Trips.Com), January 02, 2000.

My husband and I both received flu shots this year, because he is diabetic. We both have this respitory infection, as well as my children. Mine turned into pnuemonia. We are all on antibotics. Everyone in the doctors office waiting room had it. Two of the nurses had it. This is going on over four months now for me, trying to get rid of this bug. While I have seen tic tac toes around here, twice now, don't know if I believe "chemtrails", but the cough till ya puke cough lives in New Jersey.

-- kritter (, January 02, 2000.

We're all sick in Denver im my group of 20, nearly all have had these typed of symptoms...

-- Andy (, January 02, 2000.

Andy, does the whole group wear Nikes?

-- Uncle Deedah (, January 02, 2000.

We all received our flu shots the first week they were available this year. I believe it was mid October.

-- Wilferd (, January 02, 2000.

Extremely Nasty Bug here in North Bay!!!

And Yes, I have seen #########in the sky. Connections? Believe what you want.

-- (, January 02, 2000.

Andy...are you in Denver or Houston? No chemtrails seen in Fort Bend County....

-- quietly (, January 02, 2000.

Flu-like illness is going around this area and even those of us who got the flu shots have been hit hard.


-- Wildweasel (, January 02, 2000.

same here in central minn. Hospitals put notices in the paper for non sick people to stay away if they could. Brainerd Daily Dispatch. about 12-29-99

-- liberty creed (, January 02, 2000.

All i know is we've been getting blasted here in oklahoma! Every single day....

-- lefty (, January 02, 2000.

There has been, as reported, a very virulent flu-like bug running rampant here in Southern CA. At the first onset of sypmtoms last week, my boys and I began taking colloidal silver. It lasted only a couple of days for us, did not get severe, and I actually worked while fighting off the illness. We are feeling great now, yay! =0)

-- cin (, January 02, 2000.

We have been really sick here in Oklahoma City! I work at a local hospital and my friends from others say their ER's are packed, too, with people coming in with this flu thing. We are beginning to wonder if we either got a bad batch of shots or this one caught the CDC off guard. The world is due anytime now for another pandemic like in 1918, I've heard. I truly hope that doesn't come about, but you have to wonder with a nationwide outbreak like this.

And don't forget that encephilitis thing going on over on the East coast and moving South. It's enough to make me think twice about my choice of careers, but I can't help wanting to tend to those who are ailing. For the record, our IS dept. worked like mad to get everything squared away for the Y2K debut and I haven't heard of anything yet. I'll keep my ears "to the tracks." God Bless,


-- Jinny (, January 03, 2000.

These trails have been over south-central Missouri for over a month - that I know of. It seems like they're there almost every day. Cloudy today - so can't tell - but they were out yesterday. I just got back some incredibly obvious pictures - I don't know how anyone could look at these and think they're "vapor trails". An incredible wagon wheel design - two or three great shots of that. Taken at different intervals so that you can see them an hour later as they've spread out. Have more that will be just as obvious in camera now.

Also many here sick with upper resp. - takes weeks and months to get over completely. I got it over a month ago but used an alternative remedy and was gone by third day. Colloidal silver works great also. Remember that the more antibiotics you take the more your immune system is weakened - and they don't seem to be doing much good anymore do they - a friend who is normally very healthy had to be given three different antibiotics before she finally even started getting better. And what's in those flu shots??

Has anyone heard ANY of this being addresseed on ANY media source at all?

-- judea rains (, January 03, 2000.

To answer my own question, at least partly - Dancr, thanks for the links - I hadn't had time to read them all yet. But now I see the post from back in June - will go back to read it. Thanks again!

-- judea rains (, January 03, 2000.

If you'll notice, there is a pattern here. Most people that say they "have" this "flu" has had flu shots.

I for one have not had flu shots - I don't believe in them. I am one of the ONLY people in my office of 22 people that hasn't been sick with upper respiratory flu of major proportions. Many have been sick for weeks since the kind nursie came and stuck EVERYBODY but me.

Better yet, I'm a smoker and there's only one other smoker here.

Wake up and smell the pin-pricks. karen

-- karen (karen@karen.karen), January 03, 2000.

I went to the CDC website after my post last night and they say that a 7.1% rate of influenza is considered epidemic proportions - and said the current rate if 7.4%!

And as far as the flu shots - they are really only effective for about 3 months and for only that particular strain (s) they developed from last year's, quick alerts, etc. And as far as we can tell, the percentage of those stuck/not stuck isn't a contributing factor with this strain right now. I believe they said the Hong Kong flu and Influenza type A are bad right now.

You might check it our for yourselves - and keep your elderly folks and tiny ones away from crowds. Wash your hands often! And when you turn the water off, use a paper towel. Those who have washed before you have turned the water ON with their CONTAMINATED hands and you will pick up what was on their hands BEFORE they washed!

-- Jinny (, January 03, 2000.

Good Grief! My spelling must has fallen prey to Y2K!! It USED to work! SORRY :-{

-- Jinny (, January 03, 2000.

Just talked to an ICU RN and her husband a Security Guard at St. Vincent Hospital in Beaverton. Upper respiratory illness, pneumonia, and flu outbreaks up here have ICUs full and ERs on divert.

Last MAJOR spraying was December 24, 1999 -- but it's cloudy and pouring rain again, who knows?

We're finally well enough to eat and speak without throwing up and having the "asthma gasps."

BTW, happy happy joyous deliriously ecstatic HAPPY NEW YEAR / decade / century / millennium to all of you :-)

Still praying Let the good times keep rolling! Keep the miracle holding!

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, January 03, 2000.

Friend in DC says he saw them and then got sick too, in bed 2 weeks.

-- dc in DC ("flu"@home.bed), January 03, 2000.


Also no flu shots, and a smoker... still sicker than a dog...

-- Carl (, January 03, 2000.

Please don't cough on the mail.

I have always wondered about the risks of contracting something from handling mail. Consider that it is not unheard of for someone to start coughing when in line at the post office, and the first thing that a polite person does is cover their mouth. Unfortunately, it happens all to often that the hand they used is the one that is holding the mail to be posted.

When working on the sorting machines in the plants, the issue is safety, which means that jewelry, loose clothing, and gloves are forbidden. Long hair must be secured so as not to dangle and get caught in the machinery.

So, here is the public, coughing on the mail, and maybe someone is letting the sick kid put the letters in the box at the drive-thru, and we aren't allowed to use gloves. [We can wear masks if we like, but I haven't seen them offered and they are uncomfortable]

Now, add sick postal workers to the mix. Yeah, we get sick too. But, we cannot call in sick all the time. Gotta get the mail out. If we are out sick for more than three days, we have to get a doctor's note saying we are able to return to work. This means that people come to work sick, and spread it to the rest of us, and on the mail itself.

"Here's your mail. cough, hack, gasp!"

I recall [unknown where it was] that germs have a limited life span outside of a host, or something along those lines. And the paper that mail is made from is not the most conducive to germ spreading. They do 'treat' foreign mail before we handle it. Some workers have found that they are affected by this treatment. The mail treatment is for various things, like living things, animals, insects, and such like. But also for germs I would think, yes?

Also, we have special workers to handle any mail that is 'leaking.' That is, when we can get a supervisor to address the problem and not just ignore it and walk away. The unions help too, in this regard. [Leaking implies that a substance is being emitted from a piece of mail. This substance can be dry or liquid in nature. Please remember that one method of biological infection was mail containing Anthrax or some other deadly toxin.]

Just a little something else I thought you might think about. In between coughing and hacking while waiting for the mail tomorrow....

-- Postman (ringstwice@lw.ays), January 04, 2000.

cough...cough...ack!! cough...cough...

Coming to a lung near you...

-- Captain Trips (, January 04, 2000.

From: Y2K, ` la Carte by Dancr (pic), near Monterey, California

A local radio deejay says she's caught the Y-flu-K.

-- Dancr (addy.available@my.webpage), January 04, 2000.

This chemtrail thing is scary stuff! I don't know if anyone on here lives in Kansas or North Central Oklahoma, but on the weekend of Dec. 11, we were coming back from Kansas and saw the strangest things in the sky. And weird pinkish/orange colored clouds, but not clouds, you know?

We thought it must have been a fire or something, but none were to be seen. The whole family has been so sick up that way - it makes me wonder. Do you think my employer would think me crazy if I suggested the chemtrail villain? I'm seeing a lot of people really sick, but it's not just respiratory. It also seems to be a combination of intestinal disruption that hangs on and hangs on - really debilitating to the energy reserves.

Folks, I'm beginning to get a little paranoid..or am I? (I actually took a can of food down from my Y2K stuff was amazing how difficult it was to do!)

-- Jinny (, January 04, 2000.

I spent Christmas in Kansas City and contracted the flu from my family there. I've been sick since the day after Christmas and haven't been this sick in years. I would rather take a beating than throw up but the coughing has been so bad I did puke too. I'm beginning to wonder if it is ever going to end. Now that I'm back home in central MO others are getting it too. And yes, we frequently have chemtrails here too.


-- LC (, January 04, 2000.

Saw another couple of stories on the TV news here in Kansas City regarding the 'flu' the and extraordinarily high ICU census at all the metropolitan hospitals due to the same. Many physicians are recommending their patients go to the ER's for treatment, as their offices are BOOKED solid. Average ER wait is 8 to 12 hours....

Update on daughter: is still marginally improved, which means she still has the tenacious phlegm/chest congestion and gut-wrenching coughing, but isn't any worse. She has been able to gain a little bit more energy, at least enough where she can do a few things around the house before she has to stop and rest.

-- Wilferd (, January 04, 2000.

My 4 year old son is sick and has been for the last 3 days. Over the counter medications did not help. Even prescription Poly-DM was worthless. My neighbor's boys were down and their doctor prescribed antibiotics--an unusual course of action for a so-called "flu virus".

DH, DD & I have been taking massive (2000 mg+) doses of Vitamin C. So far we have not come down with "the cough" or vomiting, though I have had headache and uncomfortable intestines (abdominal cramps), but able to eat and drink.

An article in my Spotlight newspaper ( mentioned Chemtrails and the possibility that the government is spraying people to prevent the effects of biological warfare, i.e. they are spraying us with killed virus that could cause people to be sick but in so doing, inoculate them. A massive inoculation program would only panic the people, so spray us without our knowledge, right? With the current administration being as dishonest as it is, I can only speculate. This newspaper is very politically-incorrect. Another possibility is that germ warfare is already here, just blacked out by the news media.

All I saw was a very sick little boy who wasn't responding to any medication. Used my homemade kitchen cough remedy syrup that finally got some results for him. If he didn't respond, I was going to take him to the Doc. My aunt in California was sick, too and the only thing that seemed to help was herbal remedies (echinacea, etc.).

BTW, if anybody wants my cough remedy, email me with "Cough Remedy" in the subject. I will send you the recipe. It calmed his cough and dried up his nose when even Robitussin was no help. It tastes nasty, but it works. :)

-- Marie (, January 11, 2000.

From: Y2K, ` la Carte by Dancr (pic), near Monterey, California

I spent the day today at a Monterey hospital because of an unrelated exploratory surgery. On the way there, at 9:00 AM I noticed that the chemtrails planes were out in force. In the waiting room for outpatient surgery I noted that many of the other waiting people were wearing Michael Jackson masks (the kind Japanese people wear when they have a cold), only they weren't sneezing or coughing. I concluded that they didn't want to catch anything.

While I was being prep'd for surgery I overheard one nurse ask another how to input the date for some procedure she was entering on her computer. The answer was zero-zero. The first nurse said, "Oh, I thought it would be best to put a twenty." Nobody seemed to think a thing of the amazing stupidity of this remark.

-- Dancr (addy.available@my.webpage), January 11, 2000.

Has anyone given thought to all the symptoms associated with this illness. Symptoms of the Gulfwar illness, polio, smallpox and all pox related illness come very close to this illness. Actually, it appears to be a combination of these illnesses. I would be interested to see how many people have died from this illness. Also to see how many would have to die to commence a hard investigation. Locally I submit all and any article I see to a local news reporter who had done some stories but nothing hardcore. Regards A. P. Duarte

-- Aurelio Duarte (Pete) (, December 10, 2002.

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