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All the rest of the problems may start surfacing when the system is going to be for the first time for the new date to be put under IT'S FULL LOAD as the system isn't even running under it's full load yet, that's probably why not many things are happening at the moment and everything that was online appears to be running fine. Now when the system is running full capacity then this is gonna put the big squeeze on the code and also on the integrity and interconnections of the whole system, not just nationally, but also on a global scale, and when the system is put thorugh a full load real-time test the system could start to become unstable and then this could cause the snowball or the 'domino effect' when pressure and strain is put on the system and the code there are bound to be glitches surfacing sooner or later.

-- Brent Nichols (, January 02, 2000


Dude, Windows is ALWAYS unstable.

-- Truk (trul@loa.moc), January 02, 2000.

That's what worries me, it is like a window's case. How bad or how much it will weaken the system, I don't know, all I know is that with the more patches of glitches, the more unstable overall the system becomes so the more patches is needed, more bugs are created. Now how severe will the instability be, well this depends on the readiness of all the world's computer systems, but not all made the deadline, then we could have an unstable economy leading to a recession. That's the situation we seem to have now with the software issue of this y2k, and the patching and reparing will be never-ending due to the many programmers and the bugs they injected into the stability of the code in an effort to try to fix the system of its y2k issue.

-- Brent Nichols (, January 02, 2000.

Hey man, if the Windows code is screwed up that bad, it's not gonna cause a recession. Everything will get squeezed tighter and tighter and tighter until it's so freaking tightly wound up that it just blows up to smithereens, man! And there's nothing you can do. Game over, dude!!!

-- Truk (truk@loa.moc), January 02, 2000.

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