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I have not posted here before but I have defended the right of this forum to state its views on another Y2K, which you will be familiar with and have been abused in the most unbelievable way, not because I particularly take one view or another on the success of Y2K but because I took exception to the brainless insults perpetrated by a certain individual on that other forum.

There is justifiably immense relief at what has happened, or should I say, failed to happen after one day of 2000 but why this need for apologies? This all reminds me so much of the morale boosting propoganda of wartime when unpleasant facts were hushed up. That is not to say that such a thing is so easy now or that it has even happened. But NO serious problems, at all, anywhere?

Yes, I know this has all been said already but I sense that in the weeks and months to come, whether or not any major catastophes occur as a direct result of Y2K, stories will gradually emerge as to what really took place in the 'early days'. It could so easily have been utter disaster on 1/1/2000, it still could.

Those of you who know systemics know what 'emergent properties' are, the features of systems that result from the operation of that system and cannot be deduced by knowing the parts of that system alone, at least that is my understanding of it. Just think of the global scale of our systems and it is obvious how easily serious problems could have, and could yet, emerge.

I have been at pains to stress that I do not favour either 'camp' (even though I have been branded a 'TB2000' for my support of this forum, despite never having posted here) when it comes to Y2K but my years as a testing professional have taught me enough to know that it can take months, years for system properties to emerge.

Just keep posting what happens, however small or seemingly insignificant, it's that which is important, letting people know what is going on. Waste no more time on apologies for warning people of threats.

-- LongInTheTooth (, January 01, 2000


Philosophically speaking, Y2K could be like a neutron bomb, eh?

The Butterfly flies on Monday.

-- Hunter Gatherer (HunterGatherer@StoneAge2000.ugh), January 01, 2000.

i posted this under someone else's question - this seems strange and maybe someone else can check it out - go to zone2000 and there is blank screen with their logo - this morning it was working fine and reporting all countries in the green. hope i can do the link.

-- loreli (, January 01, 2000.

This is definitely a time for caution. It's wonderful that things didn't blow up last night; but most educated predictions that I seem to remember reading never suggested that the rollover was anything but the BEGINNING of problems. When catching a cold, it can take 21 days from the time of inception of the virus to the time symptoms appear. If we *still* haven't seen any significant problems by the end of January, THEN I think we'll have cause to celebrate. Until then let's not "count our chickens", eh?

-- Bruce (, January 01, 2000.

wrong addy -

-- loreli (, January 01, 2000.

i gave the wrong address to above question -

blank page with logo should have reports from different countries - was there this morning with all green


-- loreli (, January 01, 2000.

Hello LongInTheTooth,

As a software engineer, I broke the Y2K problem into two parts. 1. Embedded software problems. 2. Application software problems.

1, was grossly overstated. It turned out that BILLIONS of chips flew through the Y2K window with NO observable problems. This is really a big deal, as chips of this kind are IN EVERYTHING you own.. Your refrigerator, your car, your garage tools, almost everything..

2, is yet to be determined. If we have electric power, communications and money, IT CAN ALL BE FIXED. Seriously, it's not like martians gave us all software, we wrote it. (I've never coded a boneheaded 2 digit date though..).

So yes, the fact that 1 went by with almost no issues reported by the minute worldwide is a very good indicator that this is not TEOTWAWKI.

-- bryce (, January 01, 2000.

Bryce, alas, someone who is beyond reproach. Thanks for having the character to make such a statement. Have a nice year.

-- Bad Company (, January 01, 2000.

Thank you all, some good points. May not be a valid comparison of systems, but just how long did it take for CFCs to blow a hole in the ozone layer? The Latin American banks posting above is an excellent example of this principle, plus the inevitable lack of information that will occur should such a major escalation take place.

Ignore the crowing of the 'Y2K OK' brigade and just keep the info going.


-- LongInTheTooth (, January 01, 2000.

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