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How do you figure people like you can stand up againest the Central Banks. You can't, so why push gold. TIM

-- RAY (ray@aol.com), January 01, 2000


Did someone mention GOLDEAGLE, who is that. Gold pedelers. You bought that hype. Shame..shame on you. TIM

-- TIM (thc@hot.com), January 01, 2000.

Gee, funny how "RAY" ends his post with "TIM", which happens to be the very same name of the person who then responds in the first post to this thread. Just one of those bizarre things, I guess.

-- King of Spain (madrid@aol.cum), January 01, 2000.

hello ray am collins from USA pls i will l;ike to know moreabout ya cos i just found ur mail and i will like u toppls introduce ur self to me. so i will able to talk to u. and if u have any id which is yahoo pls try and add mein ur box so we can chat more

-- collins innocent (collins_innocent@yahoo.com), October 24, 2004.

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