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So what did we learn....Our economic system depends on fossil fuels, electricity & telecommunications. It is very fragile. We need to change over to solar power or a more stable, safer source of energy.

Our government will attempt to manipulate us. The same crazies that they quietly arrest from time to time became front page news in December. They didn't have to declare martial law. The "approved" areas were busy, the rest of the streets were deserted for the rollover.

A few of the people will take personal responsibility in the face of a crisis. MOST will NOT.

We made it through this crazy secular millenia madness. Here we are, in the 21st century!!! We have lots of hopes & dreams to accomplish, and many dragons yet to slay.

God Bless All of You, Signed, INever fully delete my memories....(IThink this is goodbye...)

-- INever (, January 01, 2000


Next time an important issue comes up, we'll be far more alert to how well the government and media spinmeisters ply their trade. Gotta hand it to them, that part worked well. Quite impressive in its way.

Maybe the Time Bomb wasn't a dud. Maybe the clock read-out was faulty, and it still is ticking...

-- Firemouse (, January 01, 2000.

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