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Ok you have stocked up heavy for the big Y2K disapointment and now you have a storage cellar choke full of Y2K preparation items. Don't feel bad!! Bury those guns, and just get over that doom and gloom feeling and try and make some new positive good in the world! There are still a lot of problems that need your energy but put in a positive way!! Dont feel bad that the end has not come cast off those doom and gloom feelings and channel that sorry energy into something positive and try with your very important part to make the world a better place for all!

So here is a small list of ideas for charitable giving!

United Way Red Cross Salvation Army Local Charitable Food Banks Unicef Local Non Profits The Homeless in your community etc. etc. etc.

There are a lot of problems in the world far bigger than Y2K please people channel this doom energy into LOVE! LOVE for all people of this world! Micro acts of kindness and storage cellars full of goods can really make a differance in this world! Do it today, tommorow or the next. Get involved! Get connected, care and share!Give a hand and give a heart. Your positive energy is needed now!

Love Yourself Love Now Love All Love Today Love Tommorow Love the World Love the Universe

-- dwabie (, January 01, 2000


"Love Yourself Love Now Love All Love Today Love Tommorow Love the World Love the Universe "

Exactly how all the Preparers I've met through this forum and the chats view the world,and so unlike all the Hateful Trolls and Hateful Pollies (only some of the pollies though)

-- (.@...), January 01, 2000.

I'm keeping my food, thanks. If nothing goes wrong, I'll eat it over the course of the next few years.

Instead of stocking up on guns and ammo, I went to the local hardware store last January and bought 1000 empty, unused one gallon paint cans. They are teflon coated inside, and are great for rice and beans. That's what I put in them. I figured if things got bad, I'd hand out these paint cans to folks in my neighborhood instead of lead. I think I may give some of these to the local food banks in about 8 months. The rest I'll keep; this is not over, and I may need to feed people in my immediate vicinity still.

Peace and Love,


-- Shimoda (, January 01, 2000.

The Red Cross, FEMA and the Salvation Army will not be happy with me if I give my stash to them. They have constantly warned me to prepare for an earthquake and that's exactly what I have done. No one is exempt from any disaster, we live in a dangerous world. Everyday we hear of some disaster where food and water would have saved thousands if only people would have taken some precautions. So I am involved, I'm connected, and I care about myself and family. My positive energy has been spent the past couple of years, now I'm sitting back and enjoying the future knowing that I am prepared. I urge all of you to keep something in your pantry and rotate your food, it will pay off for you someday.

-- bardou (, January 01, 2000.


Yipes! The fact that you seem to believe you know anything about me or these people on this forum Stuns me. If you did, you would certainly not be so insipid. We are not dunderheads who have no concept of reality. Most of us even know how to Loooove. Argh. This is not GLOOM vision . Okay? We listen, learn, look, LOVE, and prepare! Many of us would not insult God by not being prepared for the life he has blessed us with. Good or Bad. Come what may. Small insignificant me has a responsibility to two tiny individuals more important than anything you could put on my plate or wave in front of my face. I will be prepared for anything for them!

-- Sheila (, January 01, 2000.

Sorry but we'll hang on to ours.----

-- Charli (, January 02, 2000.

We will hang onto ours as well, but it would be real nice if you went and purchased a year of food to give to those agencies. I am sure they would appreciate it very much. Love it in fact.

-- Dian (, January 02, 2000.

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