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we've had the rollover - so what?

seems to some like things are hunky-dory;

ya, sure : and

- Bill didn't have sex with that woman;

- Russia doesn't wnat to rule the world;

- the stock market is not over-valued;

- terrorists have given up their guns and all taken jobs with Mother Teresa;

- ATF has never been to Waco or Ruby Ridge;

- human nature has miraculously changed: men are no longer aggressive and women no longer conniving...

- the laws of physics, biology and gravity have all been repealed;

- the laws of logic and rational, critical thinking have been repealed;

- and the lamb and the lion have lain down together and they're getting along just fine;

ya, sure!!!

I believe the assessments of the following and others still stand:

1) the IEEE March letter to Congress: para 4.1 : (paraphrased) Y2k a decade long event

2) Ed Yourdon's book (paraphrased ) "recession and depression"

3) US CIA assessment, seconded by West German CIA : (paraphrased) 60% reduction in petroleum production during the year 2000

4) the Navy War College assessments and the responses of governments around the planet

---- The reality is that,

1) the world, except for power and phones, is basically shutdown till Monday - this weekend is "free" - no ticket, no go-to-jail; just a gentle 'reminder' and a needed breather for those who savvy

2) those currrently having problems are sure as hell not going to admit them - unless forced to


smart money is right now buying up all those prep goods being sold at a discount by those others who think the ball game is over

Me? still very patient; I'll keep my eyes on the ball till 1 August passes; then re-look at things; till then,

got beans, cheap?


I must express my thanks to Ed, Mr. Greenspun and the Sysops for making this site available to us all. I'm truly sorry for the behaviour of some; but I guess in the 'bell curve of life', there really are some who reside at both ends...

And a fond Hi! to Faith, Riversoma, Grngrl, Donna, Marsh, Armand, Jim Lord, Ed, PNG, Paul Milne, and all the others who've befriended me through this venue; I apologize for not getting back with you all more quickly; the end of this year HAS been hectic.

To those whom I may have offended, or otherwise created a misunderstanding, I ask your forgiveness. [I'm just now realizing that sometimes I do not communicate my meaning as well, nor as clearly as I intend...]

With the best of wishes to you all for this year and those that follow,


-- Perry Arnett (, January 01, 2000


Good Morning, all. Just woke up from a well needed sleep after my 24 hour "Y2K-athon". I am noticing a few things have not changed here on this board:
Doug is still calling his "sirs" morons
Some people are still thinking the world is A-Ok and the Y2K was a hoax, in spite of glaring news reports to the contrary--

AND the "glitches" are just starting to trickle out in the media-JUST LIKE ALOT OF US PREDICTED
I totally agree with Perry. I wish SOME people would read the news reports and what Koskinen and the others have said and stop thinking that they are invincible because the lights didn't go out en masse last night.
I really thought that people were smarter than that...

-- Jess (, January 01, 2000.

Happy New Year, Perry. I was thinking of you this morning. Glad to see you're in strong spirit this breathin-easier-for-the-moment New Year's Day. Wishing you, and all, the very smoothest sailing.

-- Faith Weaver (, January 01, 2000.

Glaring news reports Jess? Where are you getting your news? The only thing glaring so far is good news. I've searched and searched for anything serious. All the stuff reported so far is TRIVIAL - yes, even the news on nuclear plants is trivial.

Let's hope it stays that way. I've got everything I need on this farm to live without society the rest of my natural life, but I sure as heck don't want ANY serious problems. I'm better prepared to admit I was a fool for all the time/energy/money I spent getting ready than I am to face the bleak existence that would have meant.

It could still turn as ugly as a depression, but IMO anything worse than that is no longer a reasonable possibility. And now it doesn't even seem likely that we'll have a depression. I'd be dancing naked in the street except it is way too cold and every 10 or 15 minutes a car goes by.

-- Gus (, January 01, 2000.

OK, Gus, put on some warm clothes and make snow angels on the street.

-- dinosaur (, January 01, 2000.

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