feed from MSNBC re. some oops!

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REDMOND, Wash., Jan. 1 -- Microsoft reports it's faced a couple Y2K glitches. For about an hour on New Year's Eve, the company's MoneyCentral Web site overestimated the worth of some customers' portfolios. (Microsoft blames a glitch in the data feed between it and Intuit.) Today, Microsoft engineers are trying to fix a problem with the free e-mail service Hotmail. If users have e-mail in their inbox dated prior to October 1999, it appears to have been sent in 2099.


LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Jan 1 -- An apparent Y2K glitch briefly inactivated the automatic system controlling access to two areas of an Arkansas nuclear power plant early Saturday. A company spokesman says the problem was not a safety issue because it never kept workers out of any parts of the plant

-- miserp (ye@rend.com), January 01, 2000

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