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I think it's time we start considering a new Cause.

Since the rollover occured and nothing spectacular happened, I think we should start looking for something else to follow, theorize on, argue about, research, and debate.

I feel let down that nothing more spectacular happened last night and I'm sure a lot of others do too.

Oh..I know there will be problems with Y2K for a long time to come, but the real end of the world threat is passed. Y2K is almost passe' now.

One thing is for sure. I learned a lot about computers, glitches, criticalinfrastructures, industries, embeds, and how people act or don't act based on information.

That's why I'm opening up discussion on a new Cause.

Here's a few for starter's

NWO Conspiracies JFK Assasination Clinton Crimes UN world domination Ghosts

-- Elvi (, January 01, 2000



Ha ha, good troll. NOT.

I have appreciated this forum. Only a minority here are conspiracy freaks, and the potential for disruption from y2k was real. The billions of bucks and millions of man/woman hours spent on remediation paid off. Many thanks to those people who worked so hard to insure that a hugely complex system kept going.

However, it is worth asking "what next?". Is there any reason for this forum to continue? Let A & L start their own chemtrail forum. Personnally I have better things to do, I hope.

I've enjoyed and been impressed by the many intelligent, humorous and compassionate people here. I think I'll lurk for a few weeks and then wend my way onward.

-- Lars (, January 01, 2000.


Actually I wasn't trolling.

I too, appreciate this forum, and have been here since it's inception. Y2K seems anti-climactic now. The remediators and programmers did a great job of fixing the systems. This forum provides us with the most up to date info available.

Admit it...

Wasn't last night exciting? Wasn't the anticipation awesome? Posts and incoming reports were flying everywhere.

Now, based on what I'm reading there is a collective Post Traumatic Stress Disorder casting a pall over the board. People are even feeling foolish for prepping. I however do not, I'll keep my preps till I know everything is okay. My point is, in order to avoid the onset of depression (read the post about being concerned for some of our members, just down a bit) that we find a new Cause. I enjoy research and Y2K has taught me a lot about life.

Think about it.

-- Elvi (, January 01, 2000.


Sorry for using the word troll. Actually I agree with everything you wrote except for the suggestion that we find a new "cause" such as "NWO conspiracies, JFK assination, Clinton crimes, UN world domination, ghosts". You might as well include alien abductions, crop circles, cattle mutilation, Waco, chemtrails and Bill Gates. At times, I find all of these to be interesting but I don't think there is a single issue like y2k to bring this same group of very dissimiliar people to one place on the Web. Alas, IMHO, TB2000 is done. Likewise, because it derives from our very existence, Debunkers is done too. Good riddance.

-- Lars (, January 01, 2000.

How about debating medical ethics, such as the current trend toward the creation of "designer babies" and the ramifications and consequences of that?

How about the right to die and when, who, how, what and why? How about the ramifications and possibilities, both pro and con, of our current gene mapping research efforts?

How about the potential and probabilities of NBC (nuclear, chemical and biolological) warfare and how to prepare physically, psychologically and emotionally for that?

How about the global economy and the pros and cons of the realities and possibilities there? Or global warming? Or global tensions and potentials for war and peace? Or?

This forum has been valuable to me as a place where a community comes together and deals straight on with current real world issues and possibilities. Timebomb 2000 is a great title to discuss a multiple of very real timebombs potentially awaiting. I'd appreciate intelligent discussion and honest feelings (and the diversity of both) as I try to sort out the world as it exists and is imagined in the 21st century. Am I alone in this? Not!

-- Leslie (***@***.net), January 01, 2000.

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