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For all those who claim Y2K is over, I offer this Biological Analogy.

How many women got pregnant over the weekend?

Most won't know it for at least 30 days, some even longer. The baby may miscarry or have an abortion. In 9 months she may deliver a dead baby, a defective baby, or a wonderful healthy baby.

Ask me in 9 months what the Y2K bug delivered.

A relativly benign Y2K problem would be the equivilent of a healthy baby. Remember even a normal pregnancy is a great strain on the mother and a social and financial burden to the family. Morning sickness and labor pains, hospital bills and sleepless nights.

Let us just hope that every Y2K bug growing in our systems miscarries, is aborted, or is benign.

REMEMBER: RIGHT NOW, Somewhere in our systems something could be growing that is the cross betweens the being in the Movie "Aliens" or the TV Series "V".

-- woody (, January 01, 2000


I got another. How long does it take for a Bio weapon to become evident?

-- Michael Erskine (, January 01, 2000.

Here's another: Every unremediated line of code is one cancer cell in our national/global economy. The Bugbusters and troubleshooters are the "immune system" seeking out and attacking and destroying each and every one of these.

BUT, it is the MISSED cancer cell that starts developing into a tumor, unknown and undetected by the hapless individual.

You and I do not know how many cancer cells are destroyed in our bodies everyday! I recall Greenspan's remark that one of the worst things that could occur in financial sector would be anything less than 100%; worst would be 97% and everyone thinks all's well!

Stay tuned and alert and be ready to become...

-- (He Who) Rolls with Punches (, January 01, 2000.

Good analogy Joe. Seem to have read something like that elsewhere but as I recall it had to do with protecting the infrastructure. Nice work.

-- Michael Erskine (, January 02, 2000.

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