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I promised to post here after the rollover regarding my predictions in Cory Hamasaki's Weather Reports, on July 30th 1999.

[L]et's start with what I expect to happen soon after rollover. On January first, there'll be a spike of errors in process control systems that will cause widespread power outages, communication outages, and other immediate effects. However, some power companies will manage to keep the power on in many places, and many people will breathe a sigh of relief.

This was incorrect. There have been a few reports of problems with monitoring systems of nuclear plants, as well as a few shutdowns of those plants (though it's not clear what caused the shutdowns). There have also been reports of local power outages. However, all of these problems were very minor, and most people's utilities were unaffected.

Unfortunately, this relief will turn out to be premature. Over the next several weeks, breaks in the supply chains to the power companies, primarily fuel supplies, will result in a gradual degradation of the infrastructure. Water treatment plants will run out of supplies, hospitals will stop functioning properly due to lack of drugs and other supplies, and this will be repeated in every industry. The economy will grind to a halt.

The jury is still out on this one. My timeframe for these disruptions, should they occur, is from now until about the middle of February. If everything still looks normal by that time, I'll admit that my predictions are wrong.

-- Steve Heller (, January 01, 2000


Oh Steve, if you are nice to me I will help you push back your self- imposed deadline of the middle of February to sometime in August (maybe even later).

-- Butt Nugget (, January 01, 2000.

Atta boy Steve. Sometimes admitting you were wrong is good for the soul. Don't you feel better now? Hey, wanna take it a step further so you can really feel great on this fine Saturday afternoon? Give us a post of apology to CPR, Decker, Flint, Hoff, etc. That's right, get it all out. Tell 'em how you now realize they were right all along. Tell 'em how your constant bragging of having vast intellectual powers extending far beyond that of mere mortals was perhaps an error on your part. Tell 'em you're sorry and that your New Year's resolution is to get that bloated ego under control. And last but not least, please tell us all you'll vow not to spam your resume onto this forum ever again.

That's right Steve. Purge baby purge! You'll feel fantastic!

-- CD (, January 01, 2000.

Naw. i give Steve credit for making the above statements. And as for his last statement, tis true, the jury IS still out.

-- Bad Company (, January 01, 2000.

Naw. i give Steve credit for making the above statements.

I dunno Bad Company... After watching Y2kPro continually calling him on it (posts you probably didn't see because of their immediate deletion), it's my guess Heller felt backed into a corner and had no choice but to fess up as promised.

Of course, I'm forming that opinion based on the many many posts I've read from him in the past (both here and on debunker when he "tried" to post there anonymously.) I could be wrong however. Maybe he's turned over a new leaf.

-- CD (, January 01, 2000.


In a similar vein i hope you and your cronies check back at the end of march.

-- Andy (, January 02, 2000.

Andy, go chase a chemtrail. It's OVER, pal. Gewt a life---and something new to obsess about.

-- Bad Company (, January 02, 2000.

As usual, most of the replies are from people who would have attacked me either way: if I did post as promised, then they would attack me for posting, and if I didn't, they would attack me for not posting. "Bad Company"'s first post was a refreshing exception to that rule, but otherwise I'm not surprised at all.

As for my apologizing to anyone, I have no reason to do so, either now or in the future. I told it like I saw it, and took my own advice. I made no money from Y2K, and in fact spent long unpaid hours trying to figure it out and pass on my observations. I also volunteered in my local community to provide communications should the telephones be out, and bought solar backup equipment for a ham repeater that I can't even access from my home. I have nothing to be ashamed of, unlike those who have attacked me for stating my honest opinions. If they turn out to be incorrect, I'll admit that, but that is a statement of fact, not an apology.

-- Steve Heller (, January 02, 2000.

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