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It was interesting to watch the trepidation that swept much of Spain and the Canary Islands during the last 10 days. There were constant reports on the news and in the papers here in Tenerife and Spain regarding the Effect 2000 as they call it. The Canarians, a very partying sort, with perhaps one of the best Carnivals in the world, were very uptight about this event. So much so that many public events held last night were poorly attended. Many Canarians were outright fearful that something might go wrong with the power, and this was supported by caveats from the press and television.

Last evenings BIG EVENT in Santa Cruz de Tenerife was sparsely attended - initially. Expectations were that over 50,000 people would enjoy the free music and celebration. However, at the stroke of midnight, estimates put the crowd at about 15,000.

HOWEVER, approximately 15 minutes after midnight, people came out in droves as the fear of power failure was past and night promised partying until the daylight. At last count, approximately 55,000 estimated in Santa Cruz this morning.

As for this morning, everything is fine here. Power is up, water is flowing, and no major glitches reported . . . . . . yet! Oh yes, not to forget: Planes are landing at aeropuerto sur (Reina Sophia) about 1 every 5 minutes. The tourists are flocking back in.

As for us, we4re having a hell of a vacation.

-- kalani & katiuska (, January 01, 2000


Go for it with much gusto!! Its like Christmas. I know its just a respite, but take advantage of it.


-- Taz (, January 01, 2000.

like the eye of a hurricane??

-- Michael (, January 01, 2000.

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