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Joe, if your out there lurking, I would love to get your take on this rollover. I bet shirley wants a divorce.


-- RainMan (, January 01, 2000


Joseph Almond is a person who stepped out and took a stand at the risk of losing all he had. (Courageous beyond words.)

-- Maureen (Maureen**, January 01, 2000.

Joseph was/is a y2k basket case. Saw what he did on Michael Hyatt's board, turned it into a looney bin when he was there. I think they kicked him out. Just shows you how extreme he was.

-- hamster (, January 01, 2000.


No, Joe was an extremist that took whatever data he could find and twisted it to fit his own preconcieved ideas of what y2k should be.

I kinda liked the guy myself, he was always a good read. I think he missed his true calling, he should have been a propaganda writter for some organization.

Yes he was banned, but the Gestapo moderators would ban anyone who did not hold their view of Y2K. They banned Levelhead and James and myself because we challeneged their viewpoints on y2k.

Maybe they learned their lesson, but I doubt it. Many people are financially/emotionally worse off today because of the "no dissenting view allowed" position they embraced. At least on this board you got all sides of the issue and could make a choice.


-- RainMan (, January 01, 2000.

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