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I sincerely hope not! Let's just mutate instead. If (as Mara Wayne so beautifully put it on another thread) we've all been eaten by a giant meme, well, shouldn't we all enjoy our time in the belly of the beast?

-- silver ion (, January 01, 2000


This isn't over by a long shot. TB2000 is a place where one can go and get the latest information on just about anything. It's a life line to the stock market, the economy, the weather, and government activities. Just because the power stayed on doesn't mean that we're out of hot water yet.

-- bardou (, January 01, 2000.

silver ion,

Not everyone predicited chaos at the roll-over.
There's a whole year of glitches to be discovered.

-- spider (, January 01, 2000.

Nope they need us around to ensure that someone knows the correct date... Check above thread... It is funny.

-- Michael Erskine (, January 01, 2000.

I'd miss you guys.

-- Carlos (, January 01, 2000.

I for one will still be coming here on a very regular basis to check for what ever news presents itself. It has been a very useful forum on a great many levels.

-- Ludi (, January 01, 2000.

Here is a thought: The way most people get information is tele. and newspaper. Before the Internet, we did not have access to information which may be different than what we had been told. Some information could be obtained if you went and lived in a Library. One of the most credible features of this forum, was calling each other to task to back up what was said, so one could make an informed opinion. Also, there are people who only know and believe what they have been told by their Dr., for instance, there was a post of money poor very young single mom, who worried she did not have enough money to stock up on baby formula. Well, a couple of older posts, told her about dry milk. The Young Mother had been told this, but had not felt safe with the idea until assured by dinasours. There are a zillion possibile areas to question and verify, Politics, Medicine, Government, etc. so that all who really want to find out the truth can do so. Like I said, just a thought....

-- Pondering Mind (, January 01, 2000.

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