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These were some of the gifts that I prepared for friends for the roll-over. Either way, it was something they could use. Now, for those of you that prepared for the worst, perhaps you could make donations to your local food shelves to assist those that are less fortunate than yourselves. I will be making donations too as it is something my family does every Christmas and New Years.

No "I told you so" or laughter coming from me. As some have pointed out, there are still other tests to be passed. There will, undoubtedly, still be some bumps to traverse but all in all it looks as though the "Systemic" destruction of computer networks, the grid, et al., just didn't happen.

Thanks to God and a world wide army of IT workers we have dodged the bullet.

Happy new year to all!

-- (, January 01, 2000


Agreed. I'm ecstatic to see things continue relatively unchanged and hope that the trend continues. Best wishes to all for peace and prosperity during the new year. And may all disruptions be minor and manageable.

-- haha (, January 01, 2000.

The bullet, yes. We have not even tasted the poison at this point. Still the sentiment is good. The advice is better. We are so rich, and they are so poor. If you have the means, help the masses.

-- Michael Erskine (, January 01, 2000.

Duct tape and toilet paper are both very important. Just don't get them confused.

-- Lars (, January 01, 2000.

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