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Error reports from ECRI:

The following reports have been posted on the ECRI website at . At this time Rx2000 does not yet have any additional confirmation.

Device Type; Manufacturer; Model; Software Version

building automation system; Satchwell; BAS-2000; Unkown made in 1993

cardiotocograph; Oxford Instruments, Medical Systems; CTG Sonic Aid Team TP 1030; unknown

defibrillator; Nihon Kohden; Cardio Life Tec 71; unknown

laboratory information system; William Woodard Association; unknown; unkown

patient admission system; Delta Computer; unknown; unknown

data management system; Siemens; Sirecust 455-1; ??

-- Steve Davis (Columbia, MD) (, January 01, 2000



This report, from the very credible ECRI, also gives fail modes in very credible, expected areas such as building automation and defibrillators. If the reports are accurate, this means that the health care facilities (1) did not contact the manufacturer for updates or (2) no updates were available or (3) they did not work.

Bud Hamilton

-- bud hamilton (, January 01, 2000.

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