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First Hand Information:

Flight management computers (in most all modern aircraft) along with their installed and current Jeppesen data actually fly most aircraft from the takeoff rotation at the departing runway to the main gear touchdown at the destination.

This computer tells the autopilot which direction to fly, which altitude to climb, hold or descend, and it autotunes the navigation receivers inflight for further triangulation of current position. It constantly receives latitude and longitude information from its laser gyro platforms.

It is the electronic, navigating pilot in the cockpit. The physical pilots monitor the flight progress and input flight route information into the flight management computer via the control display units in the cockpit. The control display units are the pilots' link to the flight management computer and because of this, it is their primary source of inflight information in many instances.

It is considered by most flight crew to be an essential cockpit flight system.

Boeing DID NOT KNOW UNTIL TONIGHT, whether or not all of the aircraft with this system installed would work with their Jeppesen data (date sensitive data) after the rollover. They do not know for sure how these systems will perform in use. Sporadic failures at rollover tonight were expected. Out of a fleet, maybe one might fail, maybe none might fail, or maybe all might fail.

Not the kind of information you find in press releases.

-- flight management systems (, January 01, 2000


I am sorry we CANNOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES accept this information unless it


-- Andy (, January 01, 2000.



-- Andy (, January 02, 2000.

Top again.

-- Andy (, January 03, 2000.


-- Andy (, January 03, 2000.

Come on Cherri we don't have all year.

-- Andy (, January 03, 2000.

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