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At Midnight local (LA) the fireworks were awesome. The regularly spaced powerful firecrackers (usually in groups of six) were also fascinating. I stayed under a thick porch roof to observe this, but the lights are on, the phone works, and all is SUPER going into 2000

Best to everyone this new year.

-- default (, January 01, 2000


This is the third (at least) assinine thread started recently...

Sysops... please

-- (Delete@this.crap), January 01, 2000.

To Mike Taylor, Donna, Paula, cinloo, Uncle Bob, and everybody else living in L.A. area ...

High five, y'all. We're kicking! I was laughing nervously all day to myself as the entire world came through just fine, but quietly wondered if L.A. might live up to it's reputation for disasters. (Boy, would that have been embarrassing!)

But as it works out, we're rockin' just fine over here in Hollywood.


-- (resolved@this.point), January 01, 2000.

Hey, "Delete,"

Lighten up, doll. Let good times roll when they happen, right? We're fairly relieved over here, given the recent history of and experience in this city the past decade.

Default... thanks for starting this thread. Best to you.

-- (resolved@this.point), January 01, 2000.

Heard that LAPD deployed a new "gunfire location system" in a few parts of the city. It triangulates the gunshot and then calls local residents with an automated message to contact LAPD if they have information on the shots in question. Still in limited deployment, but hopefully they'll be able to pop a few of the cretins who sometimes make it rain metal every New Year's.

-- DeeEmBee (, January 01, 2000.

Re: The shot finding detectors. I live in the Gardena area. I was outside and heard about six shots at around 10:30 p.m. Went directly inside and listened to the scanner and they had them located within half a block. My area gets its share of those things, so I don't mind having sensors of that sort in action in my 'hood. 'Course, around midnight, those things were saturated!

And YES! Enjoy the new year. Don't be a killjoy. So my address and name are bogus. My good feelings towards my fellow folks is not.


-- default (, January 01, 2000.

-- (, January 01, 2000.

What ununtterably irresponsible behavior it is to post something like the above graphic from "have@a.niceday"

This thread issued forth from a feeling of encouragement, aye, happiness and good wishes... regardless of any subsequent agenda from an extremist. Anybody can zone in on sensitivites to inflame and unsettle. My question is, was that really necessary? But moreover, where's the achievement?

I hope I have expressed myself with an appropriate degree of forcefulness and clarity.

(shaking my head in complete disgust)

-- (resolved@this.point), January 01, 2000.

Default, Resolved,

Please don't let the jerks get you down. We need more people like you, with your positive attitudes and upbeat outlook. Keep the good feeling stuff coming! I, for one, love to read it.

-- eve (, January 01, 2000.

There was a lot of talk in certain areas about "T2L" (Time to Loot) if the power went out in cities like LA. Understandably, the collective sigh of relief was felt this far east!

I went outside just before midnight to record the usual gunfire for my Dad in a provincial part of England (who finds it incredible), and picked up one automatic weapon, innumerable semis, and not a few shotgun blasts. There was also a wild and raucous party on the other side of the golf course, probably three-quarters of a mile off, where the celebrants whooped, hollered, blew noisemakers, set of rockets and other assorted firecrackers, blew car horns and, generally, had a bloody good time!

Regrettably, in all the gunshots were two that were aimed at people, thus, shortly after midnight Durham registered its first two gunshot wounds of the year 2000.

-- Old Git (, January 01, 2000.

Default, it was nice to meet you on this thread. Thought I knew most the L.A. folks.

eve, that was cool. Thank you. I realize this was just Tier One we all got through, but what the heck. I take my encouragement and moments of happiness where I can.

OG: Thanks for hearing our relief over here. I too was watching all ya Tarheels and Blue Devils with a particular interest.

-- (resolved@this.point), January 01, 2000.

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