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Was looking for a category for "Chicken Little" - Yourdon/North et al have evidently made mountains out of molehills. Yourdon was still saying that it could NOT possibly be fixed in time just a few days ago. And where are all the 'embedded chips' fear-mongers now? Why, they are all claiming they never 'really' had any fears of massive power outages! Sheesh! Then why did they move to the wilderness?

The sky is not falling, and it never was. Please never forget this Y2K lesson the *next* time someone opens up the back of a wagon and begins selling snake oil....

-- Glenn Dixon (, January 01, 2000


And never forget that many people will show up on this forum that haven't had the balls to take one position or the other in the past or post their opinions for the record.

Piss off you worthless monday morning armchair quarterback piece of polly waste.

-- ariZONEa (, January 01, 2000.

Some of the embedded systems could take up to a month or longer before they fail, don't break open the champagne quite yet.

-- BiGG (, January 01, 2000.

if it weren't for men like ed and gary we would all be in trouble! they helped "sound the alarm" and should be thanked! eddy

-- eddy (eee@eee.eee), January 01, 2000.

Just a bit of perspective...

"What if..." no one had rung a bell or sounded an alarm? Where would we be now?

What if... no one had paid attention?

What if... almost $300 billion dollars had not been spent remediating code?

What if... we were entering the new millennium... and were broadsided.

Have we avoided the iceberg? Or is it ripping the societal hull, beneath the visible waterline.

Time... and truth... will tell.

I Thank Ed Yourdon, for being the man of integrity, and for having the courage to "walk his talk."

Somebody listened... and got the global rears in gear!


-- Diane J. Squire (, January 01, 2000.

Dear ariZONEa....I notice you didn't include a real name or email....why the paranoia? The fact is that I never knew this forum was here before today....I had never cared to look. I pretty much made up my mind about Y2K shortly after my initial research in late 1998. I read North and Yourdon and others, I analyzed my employer's Y2K efforts (GTE) and I concluded that it was all much ado about nothing. Since billions of dollars were at risk, I knew that every effort would be expended to prevent such a huge loss. Every report I heard since then confirmed my initial conclusions.

I freely admit I came here today to see what the reaction would be. You will notice I directed my ire at the fear-mongers, not at those who were duped by them.

-- Glenn Dixon (, January 01, 2000.

I am not sure just how much Yourdon and North and their ilk actually 'helped' in getting the Y2K issues fixed. GTE had a Y2K team in place before they published any thing. I suspect many major companies and governments did as well. However, the *did* serve to cause a bit of panic in the public and the media, and that may have helped things along toward late '98 and early '99. On the other hand, they also caused lots of people to prep way beyond what common sense and prudence would have dictated.

-- Glenn Dixon (, January 01, 2000.

It wasn't the odds, it was the stakes.

-- (stakes@not.odds), January 01, 2000.

Get lost you lying sack of Polly shit.

-- Hawk (flyin@high.again), January 01, 2000.

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