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Well, we rolled over 20 minutes ago. We never did go off the net, everything looked so good we decided to risk it.

ALL machines rolled over without a single hiccup. We have dozens of server PC's and dozens of desktop workstations, all are fine.

All comms are fine. Not a single power, phone or datacomm error.

Town looks fine, Nassau County (Long Island). No lights out, nothing wrong.

ALL police channels including 7 precincts and 4 fire departments are quiet except for 2 car accidents.

No alarms sounding in this area.

One of us went out in a car for a few minutes and he came back and nothing is out or looking troublesome.

BIG sigh of relief..............

-- hamster (, January 01, 2000


That's great, thanks for the report.

I watched the ball drop.. Then watched for a few minutes, and a few minutes more..

Everything looked great, even Billy Joel was sounding great.

Could not be smoother.

-- bryce (, January 01, 2000.

Great News all around NEW YORK and LONG ISLAND. I was up at 5am to see the sunrise over the Long Island Sound. I was not looking forward to today for sometime, however after 11pm and no sign of trouble in the world i relaxed and enjoyed myself. God bless you all for your ideas and thoughts . Thanks for your help with my questions and keeping this board alive.

Note to hamster, as you know we are close in location, maybe some networking in the future is in order? how to contact you?? I was not so keen on a real e-mail untill today. If this is kosher with you i'll submit it sometime sat or sunday in another post you have...

Take care all and HAPPY NEW YEAR>>>


-- BLUE (, January 01, 2000.

Things look OK up here in upstate NY, Ulster County -- at least so far. We did have about a half dozen dimmings of the track lighting where we were at a dinner party during the evening, but the host wasn't sure if it might not have been connected with the bulbs being on a dimmer switch down low to begin with.

Perhaps Todd may see this, and let us know if he observed this in Woodstock as well, or whether it was this particular house.

I'm still waiting six months to start dipping into my stash of goodies. Shocked my husband at tonight's dinner party by revealing that I'd actually bought a machete. Since he's not reading this board, he still doesn't know I kept it stashed under my side of the mattress...

I wonder if my eight year old lost one of the first teeth of the new century, at about 3 minutes after rollover?

-- Firemouse (, January 01, 2000.

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