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First off Y2K Pro iqnore this post as it is intended for thinking people.

Why all the I told you so from the polly side and the I was wrong from the doomer side. This has nothing to do with right or wrong in respect to the outcome of Y2K, which by the way is far from known at this time. It will be far from known 24 hours from now. This is about the implications for each of us and our families as each of us considers the data and arguments put forth by both sides. If each of us thought alike there would be no purpose for a forum.

We all except for Y2K Pro and Lady Illogic and a couple of others have a comfort level which we have found intectually. Decisions were made by each of us. I do not regeat mine. This is not a footbal game or even a national election, which by the way seems to be not that much different than a football game for many.

We have food for a year and a place to produce and raise more. We have heating fuel for two years and it will not go bad. We have light for years. Yes this did cost some money but so does a new SUV. By far for the most part we have good neighbors.

Three nuke plants with non Y2K problems in one day? Well, maybe. What we do know is no major problems with national grids have been reported so far. This is very good as far as we know. But we also know that reporting on the rollover is very controlled. As an IT person I can absolutely say that IT bugs do not see the public light of day unless the problem has already been dumped into the public domain.

I have very much appreciated the many postings from Ed, RC, Gordon, IS, Me, L&A, Flint, Andy and many others. This story is far from over so please keep up the good posting.

Meanwhile I have to write a work around for EDI because TPTB waited till the last moment to upgrade. Other problems for me because of this last minute mindset I have to put up with. May the light be with you all.

-- Ed (, December 31, 1999


I think we can safely say that the "I was wrong" posts are Polly- Trolls and not bonefide preparers.

-- (.@...), December 31, 1999.

To Lady L: Extreme is in the eye of the beholder. It is your right to say so, but it is also Ed's right to do what is best for him. Since he works in the industry, I have to trust that he knows what he is talking about. I also think that many others in the industry has done their best to avert disaster. In any case, Ed is happy with his decision and that's fine by me.

-- Mello1 (, December 31, 1999.

I don't think it's extreme. I'd love to have Ed for a neighbor. You? Who would? True safety, in very large part, is a function of the preparedness of your neighbors and/or community.

What value would you add to a neighbor or community? If your "contributions" to this forum are indicative -- and I'm sure they are -- the answer is "less than none."

-- joe (, December 31, 1999.

I agree with you 100%....and you have to admit- it's kinda nice pulling back from the messed up world with too much garbage and too little serinity. As for Y2kPro and LadyLogic....well, you can't expect anything better than what they've been doing. It's eaisier to train a retard than two assholes.

[ look below because they will come in and post another bright remark as an answer....]

-- Satanta (, December 31, 1999.

Lady w/o logic,

My wife was very much a part of our preparing. Our 12 year also understands and does a lot of the work with the animals. He is very good at that aspect. Our 6 year is in another world, very much like you are.

-- Ed (, December 31, 1999.


Lady Logic thinks 1 year of food and two years of heating oil is extreme. I don't think it is at all. First of all, we do not know if we are out of the woods yet. And second, would that year of food seem extreme in the face of a national or global supply chain disruption? Absolutely not. I told my wife over a year ago that our daughter, who is nine years old, would not say "Daddy, I'm hungry" or "Daddy, I'm cold" as long as I had a dime left to my name. I purchased many prep items that others would question, but spreading the costs out over a year has kept the financial impact to a minimum, and we are well prepared. We will eat our food, save a ton of money this year and live our lives the same as we did before, except we will NEVER be so unprepared again.

And to the people who will say to me "see, I told you nothing would happen and you scared me into buying stuff" I'll say " It's only 'cause I cared".

-- Dale Rehus (, December 31, 1999.


Best possible line, "It's easier to train a retard than two assholes." Love it!

-- Carlos (, December 31, 1999.


We all deal with situations according to our own conciense, everyones reaction is unique. You prepared in the way which best suited you and that you were most comfortable with. Nothing wrong with that, Regret not just enjoy the new millenium for all its worth. You could actually give yyour extra foor to a homless shelter or soup kitchen if it turns out you have way too much. Maybe contribute so much so as to have a nice healthy tax deduction to offset some of the expense.

just a thought if this really does turn out to be a zero event.


-- nyc (, December 31, 1999.

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