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I've been reading posts from the embarrassed and the angry, the "wait-and-see-ers" and the as yet uncatergorized. Personally, I'll be disappointed if nothing much comes to pass of this. Not because I went out and spent tons of money on "preps" (I didn't), but because I truly hoped this would be a wake-up call to everyone. I wanted the worst, because the worst is all that Americans, especially, seem to understand, and then, only when it hits them personally.

I wanted the electricity to go out for a few months, so people could re-learn the art of communication, face to face.

I wanted food shortages, to discourage wasteful habits again. (remember there are starving children who'd love to have those lima beans)

I wanted the oil supply to come to a halt, so we could realize that our legs do have a use other than stepping on pedals.

I wanted all the worst-case scenarios for the simple reason that it would help us all re-discover the real reason we're on this planet to begin with.

We aren't here to sit in front of the TV or the computer, wasting time that's already very precious. We aren't here to pollute the earth with the trash from countless gadgets and gizmos we work so hard to earn the money to buy only to throw it away when a better gadget or gizmo comes along. We aren't here to hurt each other, physically, psychologically, verbally or any other way. There's a lot of reasons we're not here, but somehow, in the mad race to get to where we're not even sure we're going, those reasons choke out the real reasons.

Yeah, I wished the worst happened. I still do. And if it doesn't, I'm still going to "prepare". The five reasons I am on this planet and myself are going to prepare ourselves in every way possible for "the worst", because this may not be TEOTWAWKI, but believe me, it'll come some day, and I'll doubt we'll get the early warning we did this time around.

Thanks Y2K. I learned something, at least.

-- Kat (me@homesafeand.sound), December 31, 1999

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