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The quote came from the Greenwich 2000 site



"It will not be until Big Ben chimes midnight that the year 2000 has officially arrived, in Greenwich Mean Time, and the world will know whether the y2k menace has any impact."

I'm confused at this point becuase I felt certain of way more embedded failures. Could this explain it?


-- PJC (, December 31, 1999



We will know in 30 more minutes:)

-- Lokelo (, December 31, 1999.


Yes, GMT is an industrial standard, but the only way to know if the embeddeds in a plant are following that standard is by contacting each vendor who supplied each embedded. Given job turnover, company closings, etc., you see it turns into quite a wild card.

It's my understanding that even if all the embeddeds are set to GMT, an overwhelming majority will endure at rollover, so you can often work around the few loses with minor impact. It turns into a pain only if a BUNCH go at once, which is unlikely. I believe in testing the embeddeds instead fizzle out over a 30 to 60 day period, one here, one there hopefully so you have time to scramble and replace or work around.

-- Hokie (, December 31, 1999.

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