What was your last purchase for Y2K?

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At Wal*Mart I purchased five toilet seats, made in Columbus, MS.

My Wal*Mart was really packed with shoppers. The camp fuel was gone, and the toilet paper aisle had been severely depleted, but there were many other supplies in ample supply, such as batteries. People were relieved that overseas reports were positive and were buying lots of the usual junk. And there I was, holding five toilet seats. Once a doomer, always a doomer.

-- dinosaur (dinosaur@williams-net.com), December 31, 1999


a 1/2 gallon of ice cream, yesterday. If we have power, I have ice cream. If not, I have to eat fast.

-- (4@5.6), December 31, 1999.

Fresh squeezed orange juice, both for medical reasons(we have colds here)and for making Mimosas tomorrow morning. I'll keep it and the champagne cold in the propane-powered refrigerator(we're in Texas, so we're pretty warm here) should the power go out, next to the year's supply of antibiotics.



-- Shimoda (enlighten@me.com), December 31, 1999.

Solar powered mud soaker.

-- King of Spain (madrid@aol.cum), December 31, 1999.

100 galons of diesel.

What's a "solar powered mud soaker"?

-- David Craig (DesertDave@aol.com), December 31, 1999.

a box of clementines. pricey, but oh, so good.

-- nance (nancyw@mailcity.com), December 31, 1999.

Picked up a Coleman kerosene lantern for $35. Had told myself that I'd leave the stores to the JIT GIs this last week, but since they weren't coming out I went ahead.


-- Mikey2k (mikey2k@he.wont.eat.it), December 31, 1999.

A diesel-powered y2k survival-vibrator.

-- X (x@com.com), December 31, 1999.

About 300 El Producto cigars.


-- Jim Bob (vibratomachina@aol.com), December 31, 1999.

A couple bags of chips and dip and a fillup of gas in the car that was needed anyway.

-- (rstuch@aol.com), December 31, 1999.

Another tube of my favorite toothpaste (only brand with no crappy saccharine in it!): Tom's of Maine, another roll each of duct tape and plastic sheeting and a sixpack of Henry Weinhard's Root Beer to toast the new year with my hubby.

-- Kristi (securxsys@cs.com), December 31, 1999.

A six pack of Avanti Super-Thins and a bottle of Astroglide. As a doomer, one can never take enough precautions...

-- Truk (Truk@loa.moc), December 31, 1999.

King of Spain:

It's not too late to stock up on some special scent cartridges, which fit most models of solar powered mud soakers. Available in jasmine, honeysuckle, rose, citron, lavender and other scents, these will surely bring new aromatic heights to the pleasurable depths of mud wrestling. 8^)

-- dinosaur (dinosaur@williams-net.com), December 31, 1999.

A jug of dark rum, bottle of champaigne, loaf of San Francisco sourdough french bread, one packet of french brie, and a toothbrush.


Happy New Year.


-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), December 31, 1999.


Ummm...toilet seats?

-- Ludi (ludi@rollin.com), December 31, 1999.


-- grannyclampett (don'thave@clue.com), December 31, 1999.

hair cut (makes it easier to wash my hair under camping conditions, if necessary)

-- Brooks (brooksbie@hotmail.com), December 31, 1999.

One of those propane burners that you deep-fry turkeys and fish with.

-- lisa (lisa@work.now), December 31, 1999.

Ludi, the toilet seats are to be attached to five gallon buckets as contigency toilets for sensitive polly tushes and will be filled with kitty litter to absorb evacuations. Weren't you listening to your teacher in Doomerology 101?

-- dinosaur (dinosaur@williams-net.com), December 31, 1999.

2 bottles of wine for me and my hubby, a dungeness crab to share with my cat, and a roasted pig ear for my dog. Yep, that about covers it. Dinosaur, the toilet seats were a unique idea..hee hee

-- bardou (bardou@baloney.com), December 31, 1999.

A thermostat for an apartment and a pad lock.

-- Michael Erskine (Osiris@urbanna.net), December 31, 1999.

bread, eggs, milk, OJ, shrimp, steak, mac & cheese, root veggies, citrus fruits & bananas, more can openers, more bottled water (dam cheap store brand Safeway 1 & 2 1/2 gallons busted.. cheap crap.. only had them 3 months), canned & bottled juices, vienna sausages, brie & other yummy cheeses, some more canned fruit from the dent bin (hey .37 each.. im no dummy)

-- Peabody (private@home.com), December 31, 1999.

Spare set of eyeglasses (I use contact lenses so the glasses were backup). Oh well. I'll use the glasses for overnight camping trips.

-- haha (haha@haha.com), December 31, 1999.

A sign that says,: "Yep, I was suckered". Spent all that time and money and wasted a year. Can't wait to face the polly employees at work on Monday. Oh well, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on you. I guess I'll start preparing for y3k.

-- That's life (Oh,well@nothing.com), December 31, 1999.

bardou, the porcelain throne is well known as a seat for insights. 8^)

-- dinosaur (dinosaur@williams-net.com), December 31, 1999.

2 Newspapers...my own tradition...a local paper and USA Today...will buy one of each in the morning as well.

-- Satanta (Satanta@zdnetmaol.com), December 31, 1999.

Should be: fool me twice, shame on me. Typo error, like it really matters

-- That's life (Oh,well@nothing.com), December 31, 1999.

I got a couple of tarps for my growing wood pile. Also some food for the ferrets, gerbils, cockatiels, cockatoos, and parrots.

-- John Littmann (john.littmann@mcquay.com), December 31, 1999.

dinosaur, I like your style! I only bought one, but I live alone. Last purchase? A half gallon of fresh milk, that I really thought might be the last for a long time.

King, (who never in 9 months, by the way, asked me to mud wrestle) You didn't answer me on another thread. The *GMT* I'm online,...." thread where you dropped a rain on my parade and ran.

-- Scat (sgcatique@webtv.net), December 31, 1999.

A case of chicken noodle soup.

-- 007 (cabs007@juno.com), December 31, 1999.

Lots of extra strings for my acoustic guitar. I have a feeling it will be uncomfortably easy to come up with a few new blues tunes in the next few months. Lots of good news today, though. Hope it keeps comin'.

-- eve (123@4567.com), December 31, 1999.

Scat: It wasn't me that rained on your parade, there is an imposter running around posting under "King of Spain". (The SYSOPS have deleted the fake post in the GMT thread.) And, if you are female and willing, I'd love to try out my solar powered mud soaker, maybe with a few additives per dinasaur.

-- King of Spain (madrid@aol.cum), December 31, 1999.

Thanks, King. I'm female, but I'm the grandmother of a teenager. Just wanted to be asked.

-- Scat (sgcatique@webtv.net), December 31, 1999.

80 AA cells for a total of 300.

20 C cells


2 battery powered fans


-- Ron Davis (rdavis @ozemail.com.au), December 31, 1999.

Well, the last stock up trip netted 10 lb. of 16 penny CC nails, an assortment of PVC connectors, 10 lb. of peat moss for the composting toilet, a few 1.6mm plugs at ratshack to make some radio power cables, a large bottle of Kahlua, 2 tubes of "shoe goo", and 10 boxes of Win. 115gr. FMJ in 9mm.

Last trip to civilization for the millenium this afternoon got us 2 Super Burritos (grilled chicken) and some dairy stuff from Safeway. That was interesting.

There were quite a few people standing around with confused looks on their faces where the water sections were...the checker told me they were empty before noon. The place was packed. Interestingly most of the asile end-caps where the sale items were bare (pasta, canned fruit, 10/$4 Mac and cheese, flour and sugar). No TP left, just a few rolls of paper towels, and all the unscented bleach was gone. Big holes where the Novena candles were.

-- Don Kulha (dkulha@vom.com), December 31, 1999.

So THAT'S where all the dang toilet seats went! Geez, dinosaur, ya big ol' hoarder! You know how tough it's gonna be to acquire a modern toilet seat when the present division of labor collapses?

Well, I guess you do.

Shoot, I had to settle for a pallet of D-cells.

-- Binzer, The Dog (binzer@angal.com), December 31, 1999.

The Weasel clan decided to put on a last, New Year's Eve show for the employees and other shoppers at our local Sam's.

So we went out and bought another half-ton of rice and 200lbs of pasta for the church pantry. If it doesn't get used by summer it goes to the local homeless kitchen.

And while we were there we also bought the final ingredients for a large batch of "WW's special recipe" chili for forty folks to consume tomorrow for watching the parades and bowl games.


-- Wildweasel (vtmldm@epix.net), December 31, 1999.

Happy Y2K! 8^)

-- dinosaur (dinosaur@williams-net.com), December 31, 1999.

%_______***** ... <-- Squirrel King squashed by a truck tire

-- dinosaur (dinosaur@williams-net.com), December 31, 1999.

Rechargeable nicad batteries, a battery organizer and a solar battery charger from Real Goods.

-- GA Russell (ga.russell@usa.net), January 01, 2000.

From: Y2K, ` la Carte by Dancr (pic), near Monterey, California

I can't yet tell you what my last purchases for Y2K will be. I'm sure I'll be buying things all throughout the year, as usual. I can tell what I bought in a quick run to town just after the GMT rollover Friday evening, after I already had a strong feeling that the electricity was going to make it for at least another few weeks. I consider this my last purchase for 1999 not my last purchase for Y2K.

I stopped by a Mailboxes Etc. to send a friend some KI, but they were closed, so I'll have to do it Monday. If the gun store had been open I would have gotten a butt pad and a cleaning kit. I topped off my gas tank without having to wait in any line, and also filled two two-gallon portable gas tanks. (Note to self: find out by when I need to use the the gasoline.) Last stop, grocery store: fresh produce, eggs, milk, bread, four more jars of gravy (can never have too much gravy).

-- Dancr (addy.available@my.webpage), January 01, 2000.

10 packs of rolling papers.

-- wendi (wendi@wendi.com), January 01, 2000.

From: Y2K, ` la Carte by Dancr (pic), near Monterey, California

Oh, and I forgot to mention... one bunch of extreemly green bananas. Green were the only ones that were available. This didn't bother me, since I already have plenty at home, and these would last all the longer. It's a sign that folks were pulling on the channels of distribution, even though there was plenty of most stuff on the shelves.

Similarly, the eggs I got were quite small. I usually get double or tripple A's (big ones). Small was all that were available.

-- Dancr (addy.available@my.webpage), January 02, 2000.

A couple of 2L bottles of Coke. I'll get my brothers to drink the stuff, then fill `em up with water. Also, a 300g slab of white chocolate, although I don't think that's going to last until the end of the week. (I have a personal weakness for white chocolate. If y2k ends the supply of white chocolate and Lemon Russkis, I am going to be screwed. Since I don't have enough self-control to keep stockpiles of either of those longer than a few days, if that.)


-- Leo Champion (lchampion@dingoblue.net.au), January 02, 2000.

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